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    Albino's maybe.

    So this will fit several different threads but I thought I would put it here for starters. I had/have a feral that had a litter late last fall. She had 6, 2 boys and 4 girls. Over the course of the winter and being mostly kept in my entryway they all became tame and happy. The six kittens were...
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    Mother cat keeps bringing home prey for kittens

    Your cat is doing exactly what she is supposed to be doing. She is providing for her young and teaching them how to fend for themselves and what is good for them to eat. Real mice are one of the best foods that they can eat. There is no processed cat food that is as good as live mice. Also...
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    How often do you feed feral/outdoor cats?

    Another factor I should have brought up is how good the hunting is. There are more things around in the summer to hunt and eat so that could offset how much you need to give them to eat. It also takes less calories for them to maintain themselves because of not needing to generate more heat to...
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    Have a few questions about stray starving sick cat

    If you do a Google search for pictures of mange in cats you can get an idea of what it looks like. Mange can get really bad and does require treatment to clear it up. Some of the pictures are a bit hard to look at but they will help you to guess what it is your dealing with. To make a...
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    Feral queen disappeared...

    I live in a rural area so it's nothing like a city but I still have a number of ferals here. I have noticed that most of the females tend to stick around once they have established that it is a safe place with food and water always available. They would sometimes disappear for a few days and...
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    Stray cat in my back yard

    It sounds like your progressing pretty fast which is good. A lot of feral cats take a considerable amount of time to get them to trust you. The last one I tamed took almost 2 years. It will take a little time for improvements to become noticeable in terms of weight and health. You might take...
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    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    OK, So here is a belated tip for you. Notebooks have a port (all of them as far as I know) for an external monitor or video connection. Today they are mostly HDMI. If the notebook screen is cracked, broken, burnt up, whatever, you can plug a monitor into the port and it will work so you can...
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    It will be interesting to see if anything changes in regards to elder care and nursing homes as a result of the virus. The reason I mention that is that one of the reasons younger generations are not doing as well is because of the looting of their parents estates. I had this happen. My parents...
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    I ordered one of these for doing some sandblasting. I wonder if it would pass for going shopping. It includes a hardhat!
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    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    I was just scanning the pictures, saw TabbyTom mention something about a laptop, backed up to find more details, then remembered he lives in Singapore, OH well can't help with that. Then just happened across your note here and my alarms went off. What I mean is that I am a computer tech, been...
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    Anyone not use a litterbox at all?

    The cat we had many years ago was house broken. It was his own choice. He would stand by the door when he needed to go out and then be ready to come back in a little while later. It was only when he got pretty old that he had a problem. He had some accidents. But until then he was perfect.
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    I took in a stray that is pregnant. How much do I feed and what?

    Kittens are very small in comparison to a grown cat in terms of weight or mass. So they are much more sensitive to drugs and chemicals. It's why they don't do surgery on them until the reach a certain weight. I would just leave them alone and let them grow (the kittens). Worry about things...
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    Pregnant kitty questions

    A lot of times they find places like in the corner of closets. You can't choose for them, they have their own standards no matter how something looks inviting to you. A pile of dirty clothes in a closet is a far more likely choice. I now have 4 expecting that were supposed to visit a clinic...
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    I don’t know if my cat is pregnant?!

    I have four 7 month old kittens that were scheduled for a low cost spay clinic. The day before it was going to happen it was canceled because of the state shutdown. They all showed signs of being in heat. None of them are anymore. All of them are getting plump in the middle. I am about to...
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    How often do you feed feral/outdoor cats?

    There are other things during the day that also eat cat food. Magpies are very good at spotting food and then calling in the friends to help. They work in shifts, several keep the cats busy and entertained while several load up on food. Then they switch so everybody gets a share. One of my cats...