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    How old is too much older to date? Help!

    well ive been out with someone 19 years my sinior but enjoy the company and just take it as it comes
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    I think there's something wrong....

    its so good to here that the kittens are doing well and i hope that they still continue to gain weight
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    Not Again! :( Day 59

    what sweet pics and i hope that they all survie
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    Naruku and Nepenthe

    what gourgous cats and what breed are they please?
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    Update on Frankie and Tyler and..

    i just hope that your little darlin will live a healthy life and tht is loved by oyu both
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    Holding kittens for new family....

    welli have 2 girls aged 5 and 6 and they have been brought up with cats and a jack russell bitch who is now 81/2 and the girls have been ok with all the animals in my house and there has never been a problem
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    Boots Nearly 4 Week Old Kittens Pics!!!

    what loverly pics of all of your kittys
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    How the kittens look- update

    they look absolutly gourgous
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    Kitten problems.

    thats geat new about your kitten please carry on the good work
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    Camping Food

    sausages, bacon,eggs, baked beans, pasta, beef burgers, steak aand salmon i have had whilst ive been campin
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    Pics of Church Washing, contractions

    what loverly little kittens and church reminds me of 1 of my queens that i lost 8 yers ago
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    Neighbors cat had kittens

    im glad that momy cat is doin fine and i thought that u shouldnt move mommy cat and kittens from where she had them
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    Phoenix doesn't like PC time :o(

    im quite lucky because my oldest cat tilly she will come and head but me but she has never come on the pc desk
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    TTP&B usually travel in pairs.......

    what great pics i love the pics of them with the ice cream
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    shakira kitten pic's 15 days old

    what little sweeties