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    Comment by 'roserivers' in article 'Your Cat Probably Hates It When You...'

    our two cats hate being picked up, so we use it as a method of saying 'unacceptable behaviour' when one launches an all out unprovoked attack on the other which results in screeches of pain. Snatching the cat from the ground and holding him tight for a few minutes gets the message across, the...
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    Changing Colour

    thanks for the swift response. Yes, Kai wears a tuxedo well, very big white chest - never thought of it that way! I'll tell him he's changing into a mature cat. That means he can stop being a grumpy young cat and start the long process of becoming a grumpy old cat. He has a series of grunts that...
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    Changing Colour

    Kai has many white hairs showing through the black, is this normal? Mainly above his nose, which was a deep black, and round his legs, as if the white is bleeding into the black. We estimate his age around 3 1/2, the previous 'owner' had him from a kitten but has no idea how old he really is...
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    Dieting Concerns

    kibble - the amount we put in the bowl doesn't anywhere near cover the bottom of the bowl. They get either Purina's Go-Cat or James Wellbeloved Turkey biscuits. I plan on switching them to James Wellbeloved House Cat biscuits when they finish this packet. 1/4 of a cup, no, nowhere near. Kai is...
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    Dieting Concerns

    looking for a little advice, please. It seems my cats should have 210 calories a day. They have 150 calories of wet food and a small handful of kibble. So... how come they're overweight by about two pounds each? They are house cats but they race around and play. And... with that limited a diet...
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    Fat Cat

    we're currently putting our Burmese baby on a diet. if I tell him enough times, the word will get through, it means, no you can't go finish Kai's meal just because he didn't want it - strict monitoring going on now. They get a bowl of wet food twice a day, virtually no treats, a very small...
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    Do you let your cat sleep in your bed with you at night?

    their names are Kit, ka KitKat or Kitsie and Kai, aka Mr Grumpy Boots. He's 3 years younger than Kit, but acts like an old cat determined 'these youngsters won't have fun' and leaps on him to stop the play. When I am with one, I will tell them they are the No 1 Cat, likewise when I am with the...
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    Do you let your cat sleep in your bed with you at night?

    we have a complicated lifestyle, I go to bed at10, to wind down from the day. Us oldies do things like that. Daughter goes to her boyfriend's for the evening, coming home later than that. So... by the time she arrives home, one cat has stolen my chair (for the umpteenth time) and the other cat...
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    My first kiss

    for the past three months our Burmese, Kit,  has been giving my daughter wet sloppy kisses. She's been showing off that Kit hasn't kissed me yet. Well, now he has, he was standing on me at the time, ready to turn round and lie down, when he reached up and gave me a soggy kiss. So I'm finally...
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    Review by '' on item 'Whiskas Temptations Treats for Cats'

    I'm not happy with anything that seems addictive and these definitely were, more than Dreamies, which actually my two prefer. They have only been sick three times in 11 months, one was swallowing a feather from a toy (now I ban all toys with feathers) and the other two was after eating...
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    Comment by 'roserivers' in article 'How To Make Your Home Bigger (at Least For Your Cats)'

    when we knew that at some point the two cats we have would actually come and live with us, we began making plans. Our home is long, very long. It's Victorian, it's over a shop so it runs in a straight line from the shop itself, through the store and out the back. There's also an upstairs, so...
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    cat litter favorites

    Paris, sidelining, thanks very much! I've been here 22 years, it is so much home I never think of going to the mainland for anything! The cats are island born.
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    cat litter favorites

    Bitiba are a very long way from the Isle of Wight, I just checked, they're in Bedfordshire, way way up country. They do bulk foods, 5 kg at a time. I prefer boxes, no matter what the cost, because faddy cats quickly go off something.  I guess we go on sweeping up after the demon 'burying' is...
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    how to stop/deter Kit from licking the furniture

    thank you! He's been doing this since he arrived with us 10 months ago. He has a varied diet, I make sure they get both fish and meat as wet food and a variety of flavours for biscuits in between, as well as the occasional treats. They have catnip toys, a wonderful Catsite person suggested...