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    February 2020 Picture of the Month: "Why can't I.....?"

    Why can't I close the patio door? Misfit...
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    Let's talk about poop: Homemade and raw cat food poop vs store bought food poop.

    All three of my cats have slender, dry-ish, dark poops that don't stink. That's with a regular rotation of chicken, beef and pork mixes. Occasionally, I don't have meat thawed in time and give them some canned food. That definitely changes the consistency/color to thicker, wetter and lighter...
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    Does raw food diet make the cat more aggressive?

    It is good to discourage "rough house" play if you have children or elderly in your home...or really anyone who isn't accustomed to cat behavior. Children can play so rough with a cat that it makes the cat more aggressive! The good check-ups at the vet's office are great. My geriatric-aged...
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    Does raw food diet make the cat more aggressive?

    One of my two former ferals will go from letting me pet her belly to "attacking" my hand, grabbing with her front paws, kicking with her back paws, and biting. It's not an aggressive attack though as much as playful. I sort of encourage her, instead of trying to discourage it. She has an...
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    Does raw food diet make the cat more aggressive?

    I started feeding my pets a balanced raw diet in 2008, before it was considered a "socially acceptable" choice. All I've noticed is healthier pets, fewer vet bills, and longer lives. No aggression.
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    What's For Dinner? - 2019

    The pork butt I pulled out of the deep freeze Friday night is still frozen in the center, but soft enough on the ends to slice off a "chunk" for a pork dish this evening. I'll slow-braise a bit early afternoon. Thinking about making some pasta with a cream cheese and mushroom sauce with green...
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    What's For Dinner? - 2019

    Hot pizza and cold pizza taste like two completely separate foods. I like both, too!
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    What's For Dinner? - 2019

    If the pork were just for me, I'd thaw at room temp (or in a sink of cold water), but 90% will go into a batch of raw pet food. I prefer to keep the meat for pet food as cold as possible, even chopping while still a bit frosty, to keep down potential bacteria. It gets chopped, mixed, put into...
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    What's For Dinner? - 2019

    I'm going to caramelize some sweet onion and Honeycrisp apples with cinnamon, brown sugar and butter. Last night I moved a pork butt roast from the freezer to the fridge, but it's still frozen solid. I figured the ends would thaw enough to slice some bits off to go with the apples, but...
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    What's For Dinner? - 2019

    I haven't been posting much since last winter, when I was cooking from scratch every day. It got too hot for me to cook, so catching up on what was for dinner the last 6 months was "cold and easy" (and boring) - lots of peanut butter and/or tuna sandwiches, fresh fruit and cheese, and anything...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    I'm thankful to have food, shelter, clothing....and $2/gal gasoline! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
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    Contest Picture of the Month: November 2019 - Cats with Home-made things

    Not time-consuming like crochet or knitting, but I did make a "cat crib" with a pet kennel, furnished it with a hammock made out of a fleece blanket and some jute rope, and added some dangling toys. Farrell:
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    Contest Picture of the month: October 2019: Cats in Things!

    Farrell: "Hey, when did you shrink the crock pot?" Not too many months earlier, she could curl up inside it.
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    Another Feral Family At My Office

    No cats to be seen yesterday at the office. It was our first cold windy day of fall with light rain all day. The food I put out Wednesday was gone, but I figure raccoons or opossum ate it. I put out more on Friday and it went untouched all day. I'll try again on Monday, but I think the cats...