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    My 12 year old chubby cat has suddenly lost her appetite and is sleeping constantly

    Hi @catwoman707 .. I understand your concern .. I too have had my concerns about Max from time to time as Max seems to sleep a fair amount more than he used to, and he is 10+ years now. Max used to be a lot more active and at one point I too thought something might be wrong. I started thinking...
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    Max ate his first raw Chicken Wing! ...

    Bone, in addition to bone-in .. That does sound like a lot of bone! ... The ground commercial raw that I had been feeding contained a bit of turkey bone but it wasn't clear how much. Max wasn't having any problem with constipation, but then wasn't getting the commercial raw exclusively. I think...
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    Max ate his first raw Chicken Wing! ...

    Yes, I see that .. I wonder if being freeze-dried would make a difference versus ground bone? Something to investigate and experiment with, if and when the time comes.
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    Apple Cider Vinegar and cats

    Hi @otto: Yes, I don't like having to rely on chemical controls either, but sometimes they are necessary. When Thomas showed up at our door, we discovered he had a mild case of fleas and ended up dosing everyone with Advantage which took care of it. I prefer Advantage as it doesn't penetrate the...
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    Apple Cider Vinegar and cats

    Thanks for letting us know how things are going with the ACV, Otto. Very pleased to hear that Mazy is doing well and benefiting from it. I was curious to know how it would be tolerated as I had contemplated using it at one point in response to Max's constipation. I used to take a lemon shot...
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    Pretty Sure She's A Torbie....

    Awww, what a sweetie! Reminds me a bit of my Bitten of a few years ago. She was a full tortoiseshell.
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    Max ate his first raw Chicken Wing! ...

    Thanks! Sounds like the TCFeline would definitely be the one to go with then. I like the idea of eggshells over bone. Easier to add and control the amount needed to cover the calcium requirement. I used to collect eggshells for the hostas in the garden but now use DE as it is more effective for...
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    Max ate his first raw Chicken Wing! ...

    Thanks! :) Thanks for the suggestions on premixes! I had heard of both but didn't know the TC Feline was canadian - Will look into this one. Is the Alnutrin better with rabbit than the TC? I think I would go the de-boned route if I get to that point and add egg shells or some calcium...
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    Hello from Canada!

    Hi Glencatman! Sorry to read that you lost your beloved Sally. Welcome to TCS from a fellow canadian.
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    Plaque Off

    Hello ... I just purchased some Plaque Off in bulk powder form after doing a bit research and reading reviews of others who have used this with good results. I have used the water additives in the past but decided to give this a try. We are only in to the first week. I have read that it can...
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    Fatty Liver and Finding the Underlying Cause

    Oh Nooooo! I am genuinely shocked and so sorry to hear this ... This is never easy, and I can just imagine how you must feel    I am so sorry you lost him. RIP little man  
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    Max ate his first raw Chicken Wing! ...

    This is a post of firsts. My first post in this forum, and Max's (official) first time eating a raw chicken wing. He has had a few (unofficial) experiences before but they were the result of stealing from the fridge.
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    Fatty Liver and Finding the Underlying Cause

    Sorry to hear about this latest downturn .. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of what is going on at this time, and get him back on track.  
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