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    Anyone experienced w/ Cholangiohepatitis and non-anorexic fatty liver?

    Sorry for the late reply, I missed the notification. The vets didn’t mention anything about liver flukes or another parasite. I specifically asked the internist if the problem could be about intestinal worms and she said no. I told her Hima hunts lizards and rarely rats despite never eating...
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    Anyone experienced w/ Cholangiohepatitis and non-anorexic fatty liver?

    Thank you @FeebysOwner and @fionasmom. I believe they don’t know if it’s suppurative or non-suppurative. Neither the internist nor the primary vet seems concerned what type it is. In the veterinary book I have there are actually three types. Neutrophilic, Lymphocytic, and the third is “Chronic...
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    Anyone experienced w/ Cholangiohepatitis and non-anorexic fatty liver?

    Happy weekend, everybody. I hope all is well. If you saw my other thread (this), when I took Hima for her annual check-up last April her ALT came 800. 8 times higher than normal range. That month it went down to 500s after only a dewormer and adding a mild milk thistle-curcummin supplement...
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    Hima's Check-Up: High ALT, high creatine. What is going on?

    She does have inflammation currently... on her liver-gallbladder side. Her dental issues are actually (temporarily) quite good as she’s on Synulox antibiotics and that took care of her dental problems for now. And remember her ALT has been high for months. It’s slowly going down since April but...
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    Hima's Check-Up: High ALT, high creatine. What is going on?

    MORE UPDATES. Ultrasound was performed by another internist at our regular clinic! Hima does not have bile sludging, no gallstones. Everything looks normal except... she has mild fatty liver, and inflammation around. She's officially diagnosed with Cholangiohepatitis. When her belly was...
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    Hima's Check-Up: High ALT, high creatine. What is going on?

    UPDATES. I took Hima to an intern specialist on Friday, both to check on her liver and to give her regular deworming. Her last dewormer was in June so we are actually almost a month late. In fact Hima has been having tummy ache after meals again so I thought she maybe had worms. The last time...
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    Dental care for a ~17 yo cat – no teeth cleaning/no teeth brushing ever, and not possible now

    If she has tooth that need to be pulled, I would advice against brushing anyway. Brushing is the absolute best at preventing all kinds of dental issues but once a cat already has teeth that need to be pulled, gums are too sensitive at that point and brushing or dental treats like Greenies seem...
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    Remembering Krista

    I miss seeing her beautiful, painting-like face too. Here I am for that reason!💗
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    Excessive licking and red dots on tummy‼️

    Overlicking like this alone can be the cause of the red dots as overgrooming is irritating for the skin too. Allergy is always possible. From intestinal parasites to urinary issues to tummy ache quite a few different things might cause overgrooming (that area.) If your kitty hasn’t had a...
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    Is it primary IMHA or is there an underlying cause

    Hi there. I’m late but I’m also from İstanbul. I suggest taking consultation from an internal medicine specialist. There is Adakent Veteriner w/ Alper Bayrakal, or Nilufer Aytug at Animalia for example. Also for ultrasound, a lot of vets here send to Dr Halil Mahzunlar at Trio Veteriner...
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    Cat breaths fast sometimes, will he be okay during his tooth extractions tomorrow?

    Did they check his lungs and heart? If not, I would call and speak to them and first get his lungs and heart checked. That's normal procedure before every operation in Turkey anyway.
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    What else besides FortiFlora?

    Do you think it could help if you split one Fortiflora onto different meals in a day? Or would she get bored of Fortiflora that way too?
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    Long term treatment for struvite

    GimCat has a Urinary Paste. German brand. Premium pastes in a new dimension - GimCat English Side note, I've been using GimCat's malt paste for years now and it works well on my cat for hairballs. But this summer I tried their Derma Paste and not only my cat didn't like its taste at all, it had...
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    One of my favorite supplement brands BioPetActive is now in the USA

    Hi all, I've been occasionally mentioning their products on here for years now. Starting with Silycumin which I give to my Hima for years for her liver, but also find benefit for her dental issues. I use the brand's multivitamin and DermaCat 0,5, dental water additive on all yard's cats and...
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    What else besides FortiFlora?

    All cats around me, including Hima, go crazy for Royal Canin dry foods and Greenies. I haven't tried using Greenies on top of wet food but back when Hima was having dental issues I used grinded Royal Canin sensitive on top of wet food and it worked. Vitakraft Liquid, Me-O liquid treats - they...