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    March Picture of the Month Competition: Cats and Technology

    Entry: Here is Dori and Gracie watching a video of a squirrel.
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    Contest Picture of the month: October 2019: Cats in Things!

    Entry Dominic walked into the bowl by himself, so we took this picture.
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    Contest July 2019 Picture Of The Month: Dignified Cats

    Entry Here are brothers Dori (left) and Dominic (right).
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    Contest June 2019 Picture Of The Month: Cat's Whiskers!

    Entry Here is our cat Whiskers enjoying the sun.
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    Contest March 2019 Picture Of The Month: Literary Cats

    Entry Here is Tiger thinking of what to write in his journal.
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    Contest February Picture Of The Month: Stink-eye Cats

    Here is Whiskers at the vet.
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    Contest January Picture Of The Month: Younger And Older

    Entry Here is Dori when he was 1 month old and then almost 2 yrs. of age.
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    Contest December 2018 P.o.m. - Festive Cats!

    Entry Here’s Dorian holding his Santa hat next to the Christmas tree.
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    Contest Cats In Awkward Positions.. P O M: May 2018

    Entry Here's Dori as a kitten practicing his climbing skills.
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    Contest Thecatsite Goes To Hollywood - Cat Video Contest!

    Here are Freida (brown) and Lucy (black) playing with the broom. Broom Cats by mattkat posted Feb 20, 2018 at 9:47 PM
  11. Broom Cats

    Broom Cats

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    Contest Sleeping Cats!

    Entry Here's Dori napping on the bed.
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    Contest Cat Paws - Nov 2017

    Entry. Here is little Dori peeking from under the couch cover.