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    Elevated Alt Levels?

    @sbutler116 - yes, unfortunately I had exactly this experience with my cat immediately following a round of Tresaderm. He became very lethargic, stopped eating, and his ALT tested extremely high. He was admitted for emergency hospitalization and unfortunately was dead of cholangiohepatitis...
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    Recurring blisters/sores on cat's nose

    Some updates just over a week later: We spoke with his vet last Fri 10/12, and she agreed that it could very well be a viral lesion from his feline herpes. She didn't want to stress him at this point by bringing him in for a biopsy for definitive diagnosis, and instead prescribed a 14-day...
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    Recurring blisters/sores on cat's nose

    @catwoman707 - Summoning you again because of your experience with health issues of feral/former feral cats. (Thank you! :angelcat:) So, this recurrent nose ulcer... based on your experience, would you suspect this could be a skin manifestation of feline herpes? Have you had any cats taking...
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    Recurring blisters/sores on cat's nose

    Thanks for the responses above. I've been digging and reading online at length, and I strongly believe this is cutaneous feline herpes - basically like a human fever blister in cat form. Once a cat has herpes virus, they can never clear it, and it can episodically cause this and other issues...
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    Sore on nose and mild drooling

    Hi - I hope your kitty has recovered? What did the lesion turn out to be?
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    Recurring blisters/sores on cat's nose

    I haven't posted in several years, but I'm remembering how very helpful it was in the past to receive feedback about issues with my formerly feral kitty, so... I'm back! 😻 Disclaimer: I absolutely will also speak with our veterinarian, but am interested to hear other cat guardians' experiences...
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    Can my young, semi-feral kitty ever adjust to indoor life?

    @kittychick  - I hear you!  The harnessed cat in those photos was 20 years old and had lost his hearing, and thus, his fear of being outdoors.  Prior to that time, he had been terrified of the outdoors and all of its sounds (although we think he may have been feral during his kittenhood, prior...
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    Can my young, semi-feral kitty ever adjust to indoor life?

    @MsAimee, how wonderful that your cat has accepted the harness training!  Luckily, by now (2 years after I posted this thread), our boy is a huge scaredy cat about all things outdoors, and is very content to watch it through his many window perches.  But I've had cats before who have learned to...
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    Can my young, semi-feral kitty ever adjust to indoor life?

    Update... our boy has definitely adjusted to indoor life, completely.  He is convinced... this is the life!  
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    Worms + Feline Herpes + Chronic Cough + worse after deworming = ??

    Update on this thread: Two years later, and our Jackson is maintaining very well on monthly topical Revolution.  @catwoman707  ,you were so right about using Profender initially to get the problem under control.  We switched to using a mobile vet unit whose vet was more open to this.  I can't...