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    Furr-Patch Lost!

    I agree, it sounds like a trip tot he white coats is called for if it is spreading and especially if it is ringworm.
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    Stupid ? about kitten growth

    I don't know about this, I will leave this to someone with more experience. Usually the head is big and the body has to grow into the head. It may be genetics or just her age? I don't know.
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    Cerebellar Hypoplasia (Video)

    I would like you all of you to meet my adoreable sweet Amy. She has Cerebellar Hypoplasia and is going on 4 years old. I have had her since she was 2 months. I got her out of a crowded cage at a pet store one Saturday and fell in love so I brought her home and realized something was wrong with...
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    declawing decision (help!)

    I have 1 that is declawed and 3 that are not and no one has gotten hurt and the one that is declawed is the "peacekeeper" that stops the others fights but jumping inbetween tham and galring at them until they go away. I call him "Chester the Protector" since his name is Chester. He jumps in...
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    I'm researching my options in regards to vaccinations.

    You will still need to get their rabies shots at a vets or rabies clinic if they hold those where you live.
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    Strange fluid pouch, need advice.

    I thought that might be what it was, that is why I posted pictures. I am going to go delete the biggest one now that you have seen it. I wish I had a picture of my Mom's cat Boo... hers hangs to the floor! Chester is the only one of my 4 that have it and all of mine have been fixed. Opps...
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    4 cats in one window,,,

    That is to cute! "Now that you have called this meeting, what's up Rusty?"
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    Another newbie!

    I am new here, just signed on. I am the proud servant to 4 wonderful furbabies. Chester, Amy, Giz and Samantha. I found this place while searching for a forum on Ch kitties as Amy has CH. (Cerebella Hypoplasia) Just today on a normal routine vet visit, it was found that my Beautiful Giz has a...
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    Strange fluid pouch, need advice.

    Theses are my big boy Chester. Look at his lower stomach in these pictures. He has a rather large "pouch" there that hangs when he walks and rests on the floor when he sits. It is something common in animals that have been S/N. My Mothers cat Boo's hangs to the floor when she walks. Is this what...