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  6. justjayde

    ♪ Fat cat in a little box ♫

    hahaahhahaha oh man your captions were perfect. Too funny.
  7. justjayde

    Yawning kitties! LOL

    This thread made me laugh until I wept. Jeez. I had ONE picture of Kis yawning and it was blurry so I tossed it. I will be working on snapping a yawn picture
  8. justjayde

    OMG! This is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!

    Kismet has the same tree and is always hanging out doors and windows I can relate. LOL Very cute!
  9. justjayde

    Cute puppy...wait, it's a cat

    OMG so cuteeeeeeee I wish kis would do that!
  10. justjayde

    The Incredible Flying Kitty!! (pic heavy)

    hahahahah omg I loved these pictures! I burst out laughing. Well done!
  11. justjayde

    Pics of Luna and Midnight's 1st year together

    aww very cute Love the santa shot! I hope that is framed and hung somwhere in your house!
  12. justjayde

    Sleepy Toe Wiggles

    omg so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee How can you not be smothering them with kisses!?
  13. justjayde

    This is how Lynxx, Luna and Midnight celebrate the holidays!

    LOL omg they look adorable but at the same time? They will get their revenge.
  14. justjayde

    Packing up to move...

    aahahaha aaaw what a little darling! Have a good move!