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    October Picture of the Month Competition: Cats and glass (windows, mirrors etc)

    one of momma cats kitties (named baby momma lol) looking out at the big world for the first time.
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    What is your favourite breed of cat?

    I love all cats, but my personal favourites have to be Scottish folds or Blue point Siamese. Although I’m really intrigued and wish to one day own a Sphinx.
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    Bengal or not?

    Thanks, yes I know she is awfully thin, poor girl. I have lots of wet canned food and she has dry food available to her at all times. She’s only been with me for 2 days she’s still settling in and trying to get used to my other cats. I’ll definitely give goats milk a go not heard that before. I...
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    Bengal or not?

    Okay thanks, yes she is very skinny. The guy I adopted her from said she hasn’t grown much lately and doesn’t think she will get any bigger. Maybe he’s not been feeding her properly as of late he said he’s rehoming her because he lost hours at work and can’t afford to keep her. So don’t worry...
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    Bengal or not?

    Okay thank you very much, I was unsure because I always assumed they were larger she very small. I thought her patterns were right but normally they have larger circles with lighter inside. Interesting to learn new things, thanks again
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    Bengal or not?

    Hi, do y’all think she is Bengal or not, obviously I know with ancestors and registration she is DSH, so I don’t need to be getting told thatbut it terms of look alike. We were told by the vet she looks like a Bengal and I’ve seen bengals before and she’s very similar her patterns are rather...
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    Is my kitten an Ocicat breed?

    I think she’s a domestic shorthair, with her coat being spotted tabby.
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    Chewy Website Is Not All It's Cut Out To Be!

    I placed an order for cat scratchers almond other things, said all three items was in the box there was only two. I called up and the women said it was scanned and was there, I insisted it wasn’t so she resent it Two days later the original one and the new ordered one arrived in two huge boxes...
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    What do you think the breed is?

    she would be considered a domestic long hair. She is adorable and so fluffy ☺️
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    Worried about momma

    Yes I’ve been feeding them soft food now and there even eating some kibble and only feeding from momma now and then and she allowing them for a short while, then as soon as it’s hurting her she will stop.
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    Show Off Your Photography

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    Worried about momma

    Sure these are some pictures of momma,
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    Worried about momma

    Okay that’s great I’ve been having a nightmare of a time trying to stop her feeding them. She keep letting them now and then... I was worried the medicine will make the kitten sick. But if this is fine I’ll let her if she chooses too? The male I’m not getting fixed only because he’s getting...
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    What color coat is my cat?

    true I heard that they breed with British or American shorthairs because the mutation if they breed together it can cause many issues. And no he’s not the dad theres a 6 month age gap. And yes I do plan to get her spayed as I have many cats now. I father in law has a free zip code spay service...
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    What color coat is my cat?

    And adopted them both from a women who was moving out of state and couldn’t keep them. The dad is registered as a Scottish fold and is fixed. And the female she said was but she doesn’t have the papers due to she never got her spayed so they didn’t provide them and she mentioned British short...