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    thanks for all the welcomes. i haven't been back because on Thursday morning i broke my right wrist. my flooring is all laminate and when i tried to get up out of the office chair it rolled out underneath me and when i fell i put my hands down to break my fall and broke my wrist. and i'm...
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    i'm Connie and mom to 9 cats and a few strays. I live in SoCal. I used to be a member a long, long time ago and then drifted away. i had 11 cats til June. Lost 3 this year including my 21 year old, Mousy. Then somebody dumped a 7 week old kitten in the office parking lot where i feed my strays...
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    Question of The Day. Saturday The 14th of March.

    Be yourself. Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind                                                                                   Dr. Seuss
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    What's the temp where YOU live today?

    it's 92 outside right now
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    What song is stuck in your head?

    Elan by Nightwish
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    Vet pushing all dry diet.

    i put all my cats on an all wt diet. check out Dr Lisa Pearson's info on on the subject. it made a believer out of me
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    Ongoing UTI. Vet suggesting putting to sleep.

    please check out the info on    Dr. Lisa Pierson has some great info on UTI diseases. most of them are not bacterial. make sure she gets plenty of water and cut out all dry food
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    Vet Problems, dog was mis-diagnosed twice

    don't know if this is the right category. a friend called me yesterday with a vet horror story. btw, the dog is fine now. my friend has a Golden Retriever. the dog started having breathing problems and since it was after 6pm they took her to the Animal Emergency Clinic about 7 mi from here...
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    Question of the Day - Tuesday, July 8

    my mom wanted to name me Tessa, my dad wanted to name me Monika. so somehow they agreed on Cornelia. i usually go by Connie
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    Convenia Antibiotic

    my favorite neighborhood and lately backyard stray Spooky  died this morning in m arms on the way to the emergency hospital. a quick background: i was already feeding another stray at my house every night and Spooky, a black, short-hair Tom showed up at my house in July'11. he came by nightly...
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    My "son" ran away and I'm hysterical!

    if there's any kids in your neighborhood tell them that your cat's missing. they notice things a lot of adults sometimes don't
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    Question of the Day - Thursday June 26

    Tuesday at 5:15am
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    Question of the day - Thursday June 19

    7 females and 5 males
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    Question of the Day: Sunday, June 15

    the 1st time i saw the Outlaws they were the opener for Bad Co. in '77. the last time was in June '07 at a really small venue (abt 700 people). i'm glad i insisted on going since Hughie Thomasson passed away Sept.9, '07. same with Heaven & Hell. i went with my girlfriend in august and saw them...
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    Question of the Day: Sunday, June 15

    i've seen just about everybody and a lot of bands more than once AC/DC (2) Led Zeppelin Aerosmith (2) Jethro Tull (19) E.L.P. Lynyrd Skynyrd w/Ronnie and 8 more w/out Queen w/Freddie Deep Purple (2) ZZ Top (14) met Billy Gibbons Paul Rodgers (10) with Bad Co and without and met Paul...