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    Online Medicine?

    Hi all. Is there a place online where I can order medicine without a prescription? Scenerio: New feral (black cat I call "Sinbad") accepted into group who I've just gotten to trust me. I see that his eyes are very infected and weepy. I would like to apply a topical antibiotic. I know I'm...
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    Colony not accepting stranger

    Hi. I 've been caring for a feral colony for about a year. Have managed to TNR 3 of the 4. After a year they all trust me and I can actually pet them. Over the past two weeks, a strange cat has been showing up to eat. I try to feed him away from the others, but the unneutered male is very...
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    Help, please!!!

    I live in a trailer park and have been caring for four ferals for about 10 months now. I've had them all TNR'ed, and they're all finally trusting enough to let me pet them. The bad news is that I just found out that the trailer park where I live HAS BEEN SOLD TO A DEVELOPER. What happens to...
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    Hostile kitty at the vet

    My good boy is upset while in the crate, but as soon as I take him out he sits on my lap like a perfect gentelman.....sorry to hear yours is such a bugger....
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    Analyzing Dreams

    How about this one? I dream, at least once a month, that my teeth fall out, crumble, by one.....what's up with that?
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    Gotta Love Charles Schultz

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    New to TCS

    Welcome! You will find a wealth of info and support here!!
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    what can we do?

    Good for you! Patience is the key here!
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    Kinda in shock

    can you say "oops"??
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    Generic Food?

    I give my indoor cats Nutro, but if I fed this to the ferals I'd be broke. I get cheap canned food for $2.99 a case at Ollie's. Am I a horrible person? The label says, "is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO". Is that sufficient for ferals?
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    Feral Love Bites

    After seven months, one of the three ferals I've been caring for finally started letting me pet him a few days ago. Today he started gently biting my fingers while I'm petting him. Is this a sign of fear, aggression, or trust? Just curious....BTW, he did have his rabies shot when I took him...
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    YAY! i got my harry potter :D

    i'm on page 200 and just started it yesterday!!
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    Mothball Pellets?

    Do mothball pellets really deter cats? My neighbor has been throwing the feral cats' waste into MY yard....i'm willin to buy her the pellets if they really work....hubby doesn't want a "litterbox" in the yard...arghhhhh!
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    Stupid friggin people ferals are freaking...can't wait till it's over!!
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    How did you meet your partner and what was the first date like?

    Met my husband at church and our first date was a 20 mile bicycle ride....sore butts at church the next day!!