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    British Shorthair

    I didnt know they came in other colors. The only ones Ive seen around here have been blue. Thanks!
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    British Shorthair

    So my new foster kitty is a registered British Shorthair. Honestly though I dont think she is full blooded. I dont think she is for many reasons. 1. I know her breeder. And shes one of the worst BYB's Ive ever seen. Last year I had some of her OSH mixes. She said mom escaped and she didnt...
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    Hey everyone!

    Its been a very long time since I posted. I really missed TCS! Ariana is doing really well. She's a bad little girl. But I love her anyway! She's 13 months old now and weighs 23lbs. Pictures are below. Ive just recently started fostering again. I took a break trying to work with Calamity but...
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    Why trying to bake low fat doesn't work...

    That doesnt sound very tastey.
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    Kitten season has hit us :(

    We had a slightly depressing week in our rescue. We finally got our first litter old enough to get adopted. They all found awesome homes but one a DLH orange boy. He wont have any trouble getting adopted. Anyways at our adoption event we had tons of people asking us to take more kittens. Since...
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    What's for dinner tonight???

    Mac and cheese possibly. Still at work so far.
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    Question of the Day- January 25th

    I have a very odd and sarcastic sense of humor.
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    Adult food for kits??

    I wouldnt worry about it. Once a kitten hits 5-6 months is when I start feeding adult anyways. I would say go for it.
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    Guess the dog breeds!

    Fila's are HUGE dogs. Most around here are way bigger then the GD's I see around here.
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    Do you believe in De-clawing?

    I dont believe in declawing unless there is a medical reason.
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    Im a co-manager for a small mom and pop petstore here in town. I love it. I can bring my pets to work with me. So I usually have either Skye or one of my foster kittens roaming around here all day. Skye loves it. She's been coming with me most days since my last tame foster kitten got a home.
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    Question of the Day - January 24th

    I worked for a small store called Anita's Stuff. LOL Im still not sure why it was called that since no one working there was named Anita and niether was the owner! LOL I loved it. Had tons of different stuff in it.
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    im so embarased

    Cubbie pees everywhere when he goes to a pet store. So I cant bring him to work with me. He's perfect at home so I dont understand it. Lots of the dogs in our rescue pee and poop in the store at adopt-a-thons.
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    Guess the dog breeds!

    Not sure but I'll guess its a fila brasileiro.
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    Neutered Feral Update...WOO HOO

    He looks alot like my feral boy Beetle. Only Beetle has shorter fur. Beetle is awesome too. Everyone in the rescue agrees that for some reason the orange boy ferals tame down quicker.