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    Test For Blood Clotting

    Yes, Dr. Bushby left yesterday to speak at a veterinary conference, but I will call this to his attention at the end of this weekend. While I cannot give an expert medical reply, I am beyond worried that a colony is being fed in a place where someone is poisoning cats. You wrote you are...
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    Closing The Forum

    I thank you! At the outset I was worried about the technology (if I did not answer any questions directed at me, do let me know) but Anne made it understandable and it did turn out to be fun! Thank you, Anne, and thank you to the writers out there with questions. This is a great resource for...
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    Neutering Ends Spraying/marking ?

    and that is exactly why we recommend Fixing by Five months. If the bad habits do not start, we are way ahead. It is probably one of the best benefits of FFF. So many cats abandoned or relinquishd to shelters are not kept in their original home because of the spraying habit.
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    Neutered Cat Still Has Urges

    Perfect. I would have loved to show you Giuseppe but was unable to get the photo to send. He is big and solid like Connor and an absolute sweetheart. All the best to you and yours - sounds like you have it under control. Maybe rub Connor's stuffed animal with some catnip so he prefers it to...
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    Spaying Less Than Two Weeks Following Vaccinations

    Since this is a medical question and I am sure Dr. Bushby's answer will carry far more weight, I hope he will jump in - but for now I can say to you that for nearly twenty years I worked with the high-volume clinics nationwide, and they have excellent track records. Their very strength is in...
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    Neutered Cat Still Has Urges

    I hope Dr. Bushby will weigh in on this. Sounds like you had Connor neutered at the right age. We also have a large male cat who is all muscle and full of beans. Giuseppe is 17 pounds and sounds a lot like Connor. If Connor's behavior is a problem, you may want to work with an animal...
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    Risk Of Urinary Blockages In Neutered Cats

    For 20 years I ran a national spay/neuter referral hotline, and as the years went by I was surprised at how many veterinarians still refused to spay/neuter before five months. You are right that the shelters do spay/neuter in a timely fashion but that approach still has not found its way into...
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    Neutering And Spaying At 4 Months?

    Yes, it is There is a section for veterinarians - we hope more will sign up - we know they are out there! And we hope that people will read and share the articles and information posted. The endorsement of all the major U.S. veterinariy organizations of the Letter of...
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    Risk Of Urinary Blockages In Neutered Cats

    This knowlege needs to get out there in the public's awareness. All readers who find Dr. Bushby's information helpful, please spread the word! So many people are still confused about pediatric and juvenile spay and neuter. And as catsknowme just said, it will make life a whole lot easier for...
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    Bonded Pair After Spaying & Neutering?

    My own experience has been that spaying/neutering does not change the bond that two littermates have. But I reached out to a friend whose group takes on about 600 litters a year in the New Orleans area and her statement was that unequivocally this will not affect that bond. What the surgery...
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    To Spay Or Not

    Hi Karen -- I recall that Bushby answered this one but cannot find his reply - am I dreaming? Pls let me know. His answer was great and I could not add much as it is a medical question. But I cannot find his post today...
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    Spaying Pregnant Cats

    We know of many vets now who spay pregnant felines just to prevent the suffering that ensues for the millions of 'surplus' cats born, even in the United States alone, never mind in other countries. Once it becomes routine to spay or neuter before five months, the numbers will go down and many...
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    Neutering And Spaying At 4 Months?

    Since the urine spraying is hormone-related, it makes sense to neuter before those hormones come into play. And for females, mammary gland cancer is also hormone-related and is a good reason to spay them prior to five months. Do spread the word about this - it is only recently that American...
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    Trapping Cats For Spay And Neuter

    You can check sites for the guidelines for Trap/Neuter/Return - If pople in your area are savvy about the way to do it right, the cat would be trapped, neutered or spayed and returned 24 hours later to his or her home area to be watched and cared for.