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    premixes question

    If you want to completely avoid chicken liver and use liver that you source youself, be careful which supplement you buy. EZ Complete and Young Again premixes, for example, both contain liver already (chicken and/or "poultry"). I'm not sure about all of the others out there but Alnutrin...
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    I had just cleaned my grumpy 13 year old's eyes and he's giving me the feline version of the middle finger ... :cool:
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    Fleas! What is working for you now?

    Been using Advantage / Advantage II for 20 years plus. Thankfully, it still works for us.
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    frontline plus for dogs

    The Bayer Advantage II formula is the same for both dogs and cats. Same exact ingredients in same exact percentages. The difference is the dosage. I use the Advantage II on my cat and I purchase the packages labeled for large dogs. Been doing it for years and years. I use 0.8 mL (applied...
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    Stella and chewys calories help?

    The nuggets are different sizes so the calories vary per nugget but calories per kilogram is noted on the back of the package. The Turkey, for example, is 4910 calories per kilogram. That's 4.9 calories per gram. The only way to nail it is to weigh each serving of nuggets before re-hydrating...
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    Ez Complete Question

    You really need to weigh if you lost the scoop, or even if you didn't. There is no way to accurately measure the amount of supplement outside of the approximate 2.5 gram measurements provided by the specific scoop. I don't use EZ Complete but personally, I would weigh rather than rely on...
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    How to make it more appealing..

    You can try adding a little freeze dried as a topper or mix a little in. I still do this. Freeze dried generally has bone but it doesn't take much freeze dried to add some "seasoning" so the bone isn't necessarily an issue. It hasn't been for my cat.
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    Bravo Basics Frozen Raw

    Yeah, looking at it as a last resort. Only if I cannot source Turkey for down the road. The shop owner feeds it to his dogs. Alnutrin without calcium would work out (since alnutrin also is liver free) but again, I'm only looking at Bravo as a last resort. I didn't expect the apocalyptic...
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    Bravo Basics Frozen Raw

    It's 10% bone. I don't feed bone with the raw food I make for Gizmo. Again, I'm not thrilled about the bone in the Bravo basics. I supplement with Alnutrin with eggshell calcium. I would have to get some Alnutrin without the calcium if I ended up trying the Bravo. But I'm just looking...
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    Bravo Basics Frozen Raw

    Is anyone here feeding the Bravo Basics frozen raw, or any of the frozen raw formulas from Bravo? They have a Turkey that's just meat, organ and bone. I don't like the bone but I'm looking at it as a possible option if turkey continues to be scarce for a while. Local pet store carries the...
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    Finally got some food for kitty.

    I posted a venting thread about not being able to find Turkey. Now I'm posting the relief thread. Bought two packages of turkey legs, 6 per package (the store had 8 or 9 of the packs). Also 3 packages of turkey thighs, 6 thighs total. A little on the small size but I'm thankful. Also have...
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    I think were fubar here ...

    Yes. I / we get groceries twice a week and hit a couple stores looking for Turkey while out. But I'm not running around like I did initially, hitting every Publix and Winn Dixie in a 10 mile radius every other day hoping to get lucky. Were getting up there in age and I'm trying to avoid...
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    I think were fubar here ...

    Were in Florida. It's a good suggestion but, unfortunately, we don't have the freezer space for a bulk order of meat. If it gets down to it we could try and find a small freezer. But, we saw whole turkeys in a couple stores over the last couple of days. The turkey thigh we usually buy has...
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    Pork feeders ... need some advice

    yes, the chops were very light meat. I ground it up and prepared it on friday. The pork was a hit with his palate but 2 minutes later it all came back up. Totally my fault. I intended just to give him a taste test but he liked it so much that i ended up letting him eat an estimated 40...
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    Pork feeders ... need some advice

    I use Alnutrin. Gonna prep the pork today or tomorrow. He's so picky that I don't have a great feeling about him eating it but we'll see how it goes. I got about 4.5 lbs of some lean pork chops. 2 packages, they were buy one get one free. Only going to try one pack for now, the other is...