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    Next step in adult cat introductions?

    I don’t know if anyone except me is keeping up with this thread, but I wanted to attach this picture from yesterday! They all shared space like this for a while... until Merle decided he wanted to approach Mindy. He got smacked- just once, no blood or fur flying or anything. I’m hoping allowing...
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    Do Cats Like High Floor Apartments?

    Depends on the neighbourhood! I lived on the 7th floor of an apartment when I adopted Jem. There weren’t a ton of birds at that level but they still liked looking out the windows at passing cars on the road down below. I talked to someone at a wild bird store, and he said that if you’re living...
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    Do you think your cat would save your life?

    I don’t think any of my cats would know how to go about saving me from an intruder. That being said, I’ve made it through really rough mental health spells in part because I know Jem wouldn’t understand what happened to be if I was gone. So in a sense, I’d say my cats often save my life!
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    Next step in adult cat introductions?

    @Babypinkweeb its so great to hear from someone in a similar situation! We are carrying on with two introduction sessions a day for now - it feels like things aren’t really moving forward to me, but my partner has noticed that Mindy has a smaller “personal bubble” and lets the boys pass by her...
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    dogs keep attacking my cat

    I think keeping her in your room is a great solution for all the pets’ safety! Also I just want to mention, since several folks here have mentioned dogs needing an “alpha,” that those dominance theories about wolves were bad science when they were done, looking at stressed and unrelated captive...
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    Next step in adult cat introductions?

    I ordered the Feliway Friends and they should be here this weekend- one refill for Mindys diffuser in the basement and one new diffuser and refill for the main floor. Even if it takes 3 weeks to take full effect, it feels worth a shot! Tonight we had (what I’m hoping) is a really good sign of...
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    Next step in adult cat introductions?

    We've been site swapping every morning (9:30-12:30 or so) for a couple days now, and Mindy is noticably gaining confidence! She's hanging out upstairs more when she's out, and today she even laid next to me on my bed on the very top floor, totally relaxed and in sharp contrast to her "exploring"...
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    Next step in adult cat introductions?

    Hi @FeebysOwner! Thanks for your reply :) we have indeed been letting Mindy get some time wandering the house with just us, while the boys hang out in our office. Admittedly though as we’ve upped their time together we haven’t been letting her out on her own as much- maybe we will try one...
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    Next step in adult cat introductions?

    Hi all! Almost a month ago we brought an older cat (her owners said 7, her vet records say 9.5) into our home because her previous owners were unable to bring her to the seniors home they moved to. Mindy is spayed, and has never lived with other cats before. Our resident cats are two adult...
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    Major Dietary Changes - best strategy?

    Yes! So far I’ve been giving them daily text updates (often but not always initiated by them), though I suspect updates will get less frequent as time goes on. I don’t mind at all, and it’s nice to know seeing that she’s happy here comforts them ❤️ As for food, right now I’ve been feeding her...
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    Major Dietary Changes - best strategy?

    Thanks so much for your suggestions, everyone! We are going to keep her diet the same for a little while as she gets settled - she’s already feeling much more at home than yesterday which is lovely to see. @Furballsmom - she is due for her annual physical and vaccines in April, but we could...
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    I need help - how do I keep Austin out of the kitchen when I'm cooking?

    A potential alternative to closing him in a room while you're cooking might be to give him his own "spot" in the kitchen, if you're comfortable with that. A cat tree, a shelf with a soft bed, a perch on the windowsill. A lot of the time when my cats are being clingy they just want to be in my...
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    Major Dietary Changes - best strategy?

    Hi all! I just brought home the third member of our cat family. Unlike our two boys who were both adopted from the SPCA, Mindy was adopted directly from her previous family; her prior owners are moving to a seniors home that does not allow cats. Her first family clearly love her an enormous...
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    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    Jem is finishing his breakfast. Merle is very casually sitting three feet away and supervising to see if there will be any of Jem’s breakfast left that he can steal.
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    What are your grooming routines?

    I’m curious and didn’t see a thread like this when I searched! Right now our two short haired cats get brushed and get their nails clipped on a weekly basis. I also brush their teeth every day - although Jem is much more cooperative than Merle in that regard. What kind of grooming...