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    My cat keeps going out and picking fights with other cats

    If you’re worried about bacterial infections from surgery, I think it’s worth considering that risk alongside the risk of bacterial infections from the fighting. On top of the stress and injuries from fighting, free roaming cats results in significant risks to their health (cars, predators...
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    Worried about and frustrated by neighbour cat

    @IndyJones I was thinking about that too. Our eldest, Mindy, just had a super intense dental with lots of extractions that should have been done years earlier (we’ve only had her for 5 months). I just gave her her painkillers and antibiotics by syringe for the first time and I’m hesitant to...
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    Worried about and frustrated by neighbour cat

    My partner works outside of the house and ran into Butters on the way home on Wednesday, and was able to snap this picture with really good implications! His wound has been shaved, which means he’s been to the vet! It also means they were letting him out before it was treated but I’ll take the...
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    Worried about and frustrated by neighbour cat

    Thanks for your suggestions! It’s been rainy today, and I’ve seen Butters in his own house through the window which is good because I think the wound is less likely to get infected inside. I will check up on it again the next time I see him out and about and keep you all updated, and also clean...
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    What's for (your cat's) dinner??

    Dinner for everyone is always Dr. Elsey’s CleanProtein kibble in chicken! This morning’s breakfast was Nulo Freestyle pate for the boys; duck and tuna flavour for Jem and salmon and mackerel for Merle. Our picky girl Mindy is staunchly anti pate, so she got Simply Nourish tuna morsels in broth.
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    Worried about and frustrated by neighbour cat

    Some somewhat gross pictures of my little friend’s injury, on Sunday vs. this morning. I suppose one good thing is even if I don’t act now, I do have proof of some of the things that have happened to the poor little guy.
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    Worried about and frustrated by neighbour cat

    Sorry for the late reply all! For some reason my email notifications weren't coming through and I hadn't refreshed the site itself in a moment. First, an update: I didn't see Butters outside at all yesterday, but this morning (of course while I was walking Mindy :rolleyes:) he came running down...
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    Worried about and frustrated by neighbour cat

    Thanks for your support and empathy, all. Things escalated today in a way I wasn't expecting - I saw Butters in our yard today and went to refill the water I set out for him, and when I was petting him I noticed he had a big, weeping puncture wound on his neck. My partner and I went to knock on...
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    Worried about and frustrated by neighbour cat

    Hi all. This is likely going to be more of a rant than anything- I’d love some cat lover commiseration and any ideas you all have on what to do here would also be welcome. In December my family and I moved from an apartment into a house with a yard. We knew many neighbours have cats, and had...
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    Bump on cat

    I'm not a vet so of course can't provide a clear diagnosis, but it reminds me a lot of the lumps and bumps elderly dogs I've known have developed in their old age. Worth getting checked out, but may just be part of the aging process if your cat is older!
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    Storing dry food?

    We have an incredibly conniving and food-motivated former stray, Merle, who will do just about anything to get to anything even food-related, including garbage. After a few foiled attempts to keep him out of previous storage solutions, we now keep dry food in a Vittles Vault in the 15lb size...
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    Do You Wash Your Cat?

    I never even considered bathing my cats until we moved into a house and they started getting daily walks. Mindy and Merle both go outside and then roll in the dirt as much as possible :rolleyes:. I always wipe them down with a damp cloth before their harness comes off, and if they still have a...
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    What about your cat is against the norm?

    We thought as a household of vegetarians we wouldn't have to worry much about the cats trying to get our food, but Jem loves to grab sliced fruit or vegetables as we are preparing a meal. His favourites to run off with are carrot peels and broccoli (though we don't actually let him eat them).
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    What are you feeding your cat?

    All 3 of my cats get Dr. Elsey’s Cleanprotein kibble in the chicken flavour for dry. My boys (much less picky) are on Nulo Freestyle pates for their wet- specifically the ones that come in big cans because they’re more economical, so Turkey&chicken, tuna&duck, and salmon&mackerel. My girl...
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    “Instinct” dry food

    I fed Instinct with Raw Boost before Dr. Elsey's became available here in Canada and was really happy with it!