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    I feel so guilty!

    I am so sorry for your loss. Nope, you are not a bad cat mom. You gave her all of your love and then gave her the greatest gift of all...release.
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    Caring for an Orange Cat

    He really is a good looking boy !
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    Are wolf spiders dangerous to cats?

    Millions of them...I had that happen while home alone one night. Talk about a nightmare !
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    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    Oh sigh ! I got here too late - you guys have eggshausted all the egg puns !
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    What is this wound and how can I heal it?

    Ohhhh that's icky ! Your poor baby needs a vet visit.
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    You Get A Call From The Principal.....

    Louie stole all of the pencils, pens and markers from the holder
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    Krista's Care

    Oh @daftcat75 I am so sorry your sweet Krista is gone. We all loved her so much too. I'm so sorry.
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    Krista's Care

    awwww...sweet Krista
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    Indoor Cat Missing Many Claws

    Yes. It's extremely dramatic. If the handle is around the neck the bag inflates like a giant crinkly/rattley balloon monster as she runs and she can't escape it. This happened with my parents cat - he went totally berserk with fear and we could not catch him. He pretty much ripped up the...
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    Indoor Cat Missing Many Claws

    I bet you have it right here. I've seen a cat in a panic with the handle of a plastic bag around his neck. (he was flat terrified )
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    Rehabilitation of a three legged cat

    So...did you take him home ?
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    Rehabilitation of a three legged cat

    What a beautiful boy too !
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    I need a sound recording of mom cat "trumpeting" call for kittens

    Well. Louie left his dinner in the kitchen and came to me when I just played this - lol !!! I bookmarked it so I can see later if he comes again.
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    Krista's Care

    Awwww...sweet Krista ! Patience honey !
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    Krista's Care

    Oh bless her - this makes me cry ! Prayers and positives for her surgery !