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    Is she a British shorthair?

    Hi! She's beautiful...she looks more like a Chartreux or Russian Blue than British...British cats tend to have a stockier build. She is absolutely gorgeous though!
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    Spayed cat with pus discharge and swollen milk glands

    Hello everyone! My cat (Bella) got spayed 3 weeks ago (she had open pyometra), and yesterday I noticed that there was what I think was a splotch of blood in her urine (it was a dime sized bit of pink fluid in a puddle of urine (she almost never urinates on the floor, but I have another cat who...
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    Newborn kitten disease

    Hi, just now reading this thread. I hope you find your kitty...have you tried posting posters for a lost cat? Try posting a poster on every tree/lamppost etc with a photo of your kitty and your number...maybe even add a reward. Someone may have seen him or may be feeding him thinking that he was...
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    Swelling under spay incision

    Thanks for the reply! I did send him a message, he hasn't checked it yet, so I am just waiting on his reply.
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    Swelling under spay incision

    She also only pooped once since the spay but was constipated with the time I was wondering if it was from the anesthesia, antibiotics (she got a three-day course of them after her spay) and because I changed her food, but now that it has been about 6 days since she pooped, I'm really...
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    Swelling under spay incision

    Hello everyone! My cat recently got spayed (last Thursday) and for the last couple days, I have noticed some swelling under and to the side of her incision. Does this look normal, or do you think that it is a seroma or a hernia? Please help! Also, it looks like her sutures are loose, but I took...
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    Pls help! Cat has blood in urine and couldn't get up off the floor yesterday

    Hello, @aldreams. It sounds a little like pancytopenia (but, I am obviously, not a vet). What food is she eating? What do her gums look like? I just heard that cat food brands sponsored by the Fold Hill Foods company are getting anemic and then dying from pancytopenia, and it sounds like she is...
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    kittens' gender

    its a male
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    Pregnant cat

    hi any updates?
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    Whole litter sickness concern.

    I'm really sorry...I am praying for your and her.
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    Cat pregnancy and pinking up

    That happened with my queen I have noticed that she always starts pinking up on day 10-13 and she has had three litters now.
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    1 month old kittens. Wet bed.

    You need to give them a litter box...this is around the age that they will start eating solids and start litter training. It seems like the kittens have already started to train themselves, but you definitely do not want them getting used to going on blankets and whatnot. Just put a kitten...
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    Is she in labor?

    Hi, any updates?