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    keeping cats out of my yard

    I share your concerns. One of our neighbors was scratched by one of the roaming cats a few weeks ago and was heard to say, "####!!, that's it, I'm gonna kill those ### cats." I hope this was just male bravado and that I can find a solution soon before something like this happens to the cats...
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    keeping cats out of my yard

    No, they do not have the equipment to lend out. I need an inexpensive way to trap these cats.
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    keeping cats out of my yard

    Yes, I have contacted the owners and they say, "Oh well, I guess you gotta do what ya gotta do." As you can tell by the quote, they are not rocket scientists.
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    Should I turn a friend in to Animal Control?

    YES report this. This person does not deserve to have animals. There are many people that would love and care properly for these animals. Your friend does not deserve to adopt any animal.
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    confined dog in Indiana

    That is exactly what I would do also. Free these animals.
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    HELP!! how do you get rid of a wild dog

    I don't understand people that let their animals outside to roam at will. If you take on the responsibility to have an animal then you are responsible to keep it with you or indoors at all times. The solution to your problem is to keep your cats inside, not roaming outdoors from morning to...
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    keeping cats out of my yard

    Please see my answer below. Any suggestions?
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    keeping cats out of my yard

    I have contacted our ASPCA and our township. It is in fact against the law for cats to roam unattended. I can capture the cats and take them to the shelter. Once there, the animal welfare officer will fine the owners $75.00 to get the cats back again. They will not put the cats down. My problem...
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    keeping cats out of my yard

    I need help. My neighbor has 3 cats that roam the neighboorhood each day, attacking our birds, scratching our trees, urinating on our decks and furniture cushions, and generally just being cats. Several of the residents have spoken to the owners of these pests about keeping them indoors and the...