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    Sick cat

    His blood work showed the RBC within the average range. The only thing that was out of range (being high) was the Reticulocyte...lab work said average range is 3-50 K/uL. His was 146 When she called me to tell me the results of the lab she said he wasn’t anemic. As far as the little amount of...
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    Sick cat

    I have a 10 month old kitten who has stopped being his lovable, playful self about 1 1/2 weeks ago. But then last week he wasn’t interested in eating, after several attempts to keep pushing the dish to him he finally ate (not as much as he use to) I took him to the vet on Frida. She said during...
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    Getting feral cat to go in safe place in yard

    Update on the feral cat I brought on our porch last October. I never let her outside, I was afraid i wouldn’t be able to get her back in the porch and it was the beginning of the cold season. She kept hiding every time we went on the porch but I kept talking to her and every time I went on the...
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    I think I found my lost indoor cat after 3 years living with a feral cat colony - will she ever be the same?

    That is amazing how the cats remembered their owners after a time being away. That’s reassuring for owners who have lost their pets. I have wondered if the mother cat I brought inside a few years ago along with her kittens knows they’re her babies🤔 I guess cats are smarter than we give them...
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    Feral cat socialization help

    I’m working with a feral female cat that I brought in on our porch last Octobe. I had been feeding her since last winter. i started putting food outside away from our entrance door and when I would check it later in the day the food was gone. I did see a couple of cats in our yard. There was one...
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    Giving up stray cat after socializing to rescue

    My prayers are with you and Muni. It’s very, very tough when you get attached to an question yourself if you’re doing the right thing or not. My house is divided in half, six on one side, six on the other. But I do let 4 come on the other side during the day to mingle. A few don’t...
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    Sick with guilt about death of feral

    I’m so sorry for the loss, Animals become family and it is a heart breaker when they pass. May they all RIP
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    Giving up stray cat after socializing to rescue

    I have 12 indoor cats and caring for a spayed feral cat on our porch until I can get her more comfortable with Me, then the plan is getting her to vet for shots so I can bring her in the house. If I was in your situation I really don’t think I could give her to a shelter. I had one cat who...
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    Too many black cats.. how to distinguish?

    I had the same problem a couple of years ago. I had brought in a semi feral cat who ended of being pregnant with 6 all black kittens. I kept them all indoors and took the kittens to a vet for their shots. i didn’t want to use collars because of an issue I had with a prior cat who had a collar on...
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    New Member with FIV+ Semi-Feral Kitty after 2.5 of patience

    That’s amazing after 2.5 years you were able to get her inside. I have a feral cat (all gray) I brought in on our porch last October to keep her warm and safe for the winter months. I’ve been trying to get her to trust me enough so I can bring her to the vet for shots and then let her inside...
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    Rescued 8 Year Old Declawed Gentleman and he is Still Hiding

    He’s gorgeous!....he looks a lot like my oldest cat who is 16-17 years old (female)
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    Rescued 8 Year Old Declawed Gentleman and he is Still Hiding

    I’m sorry this may not be the right forum to post this but here goes: I can’t believe how cruel people can be, first to de-claw him, whether he was an indoor cat or not is so, so cruel! I have a cat that her owners had her de-clawed and I saw how painful it was. I think it should be against the...
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    Help - outdoor kitty adjust to new life indoors

    I’m sorry I don’t recall how old kitty is but since she’s started drinking water she she should be peeing soon. In case she doesn’t pee in the litter box this is what I did last year when I brought in a kitten (mother was feral). He peed outside the litter box so I soaked it up with a paper...
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    Help - outdoor kitty adjust to new life indoors

    I actually thought it was a people stew, lol...not for cats, sorry. I know it takes cats a long time to get comfortable with people. It’s been 3 months for me and I can only get her to sniff my hand and I’m able to brush her with a toothbrush taped to a round curtain rod. When I pet her I can...
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    Help - outdoor kitty adjust to new life indoors

    Curious, how did you get her inside your house? A room that is 60 really isn’t that cold, a lot better than being out in the snow etc. I have a feral cat who is on our porch, which is on the cool side but since I’m trying to get her adjusted to being petted etc that’s the only location I can...