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    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    When I’ve checked some brands on the catfooddb site I turn away from brands that list ingredients such as “deboned”..I’m too nervous about there being tiny bones left.
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    How do I care for Mr. Beefy without bringing him inside?

    I’m so happy to hear Mr Beefy has been strictly indoors now. I hope you plan on keeping him inside. I’m also sad to hear about Mugsy’s passing. Be patient and give Mr Beefy and your new puppy time to adjust to each other. It’s very hard when when of our pets pass away. I lost an adorable 11...
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    Chewey's Supply Chain Issue

    I’ve never had a problem with deliveries from Chewy..when I order something the site always tells me if it’s out of stock and I can click for them to notify me when it’s back. But I have had issues with FedEx as far as getting messages saying something is on the way (with other deliveries other...
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    Cats claws getting stuck

    I have several cats who don’t like their nails clipped but if you don’t, the nails could start growing into their skin and get infected.
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    Broths & Sauces

    I’m so glad your cat is doing so much better. My oldest is about the same age… nice to hear some cheery news…
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    Tiki Cat Dry Food + UTI issues.

    I hear you, I get stressed too trying to find a decent food (both dry and wet) for my 12 cats.. I think I find one and then when I look into the ingredients I find alot of fillers cats don’t need or they have a lot of fish ingredients which has a lot of mercury. Not good for a daily diet…Have...
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    Screen window

    We have some windows that have a full screen (recently new windows) but nowadays everything is made so cheap i dont trust my cats from scratching at them and making holes. So we had some of the older ”side” screens used for windows that lift up…I put them inside my windows and only open the...
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    since I have so many indoor cats I’m not sure where I could put those flea traps so none can get to them…
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    Yes, I’m still dealing with the fleas…its horrible, I’ve been trying to vacuum a lot…ALOT…for awhile I was espec vacuuming my bedroom (where 4 cats sleep) everyday…shaking out my nite gown and blanket…but because I’m a senior it got to be too much along with vacuuming the rest of the house. So...
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    Thanks….she seems fine….no side effects seen. I had called an ER vet office a little while ago and they basically said there’s little chance she would have gotten an over dose and any side effects would show within an hour. It’s been over 6 hours, she’s eating and purring
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    I have a question about the dosage of flea treatments…my daughter has a cat and gave her Advantage flea treatment (she doesn’t have fleas just wanted to protect her in case) but she gave her the wrong dose, she gave her the one for cats over 9 pounds…sheould have given for a small cat. I’m not...
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    Don't feed your cats Friskies cat food.

    I’m sorry to hear about your cat and his health issues but it also depends on what you can get your cats to eat. I’ve tried those expensive brands, they look good (like real food) but my cats are very picky, like most. They might eat a different food once and that’s it…..that’s why go back to...
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    Don't feed your cats Friskies cat food.

    I’ve been feeding all 12 cats Friskies for a long time…sometimes one might vomit but doesn’t last. And all cats will do that time to time. I think a lot of times they eat too fast. I have been trying to find another wet food they’ll eat but I always go back to Friskies and Fancy Feast.
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    Spoilt kibble? (with a picture)

    I dont know where you live but do you have access to order from chewy? Theyre pretty good and I get my orders within 2 days. If you spend over $49 there’s no shipping charge. I find when ordering cat food it doesn’t take much to add up to the $49. And if you have an issue with something, they...
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    Spoilt kibble? (with a picture)

    If you don’t feel comfortable with the look/feel of the food don’t use it. If you still wanted the same brand, try another store and see if that batch might look better. I dont know if the packages show a lot # that you could compare with a different store before you buy?