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    Which Quarantine House with a twist ?

    5 would be perfect, but I get creeped out by all things ghost. :running:
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    Which Quarantine House with a twist ?

    That last item sure makes a difference! I think I'll go with #6. It's either that or 4.
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    Not really new but returning

    Nice to see you, Lana!
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    My husband is on a phone meeting in the next room.
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    What Should You Be Doing Instead Of Being On Tcs - 2020

    Nothing. It's too hot and humid. I'll start thinking about making dinner in a little bit. Oh wait, I do need to put some clothes in the dryer.
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    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? - 2020

    I need the high temps and high humidity to stop! :sweat:
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    I agree with all of this. I'm being very careful. I have asthma and my brother died in February from being sick and it going into his chest. He also had asthma. I've had A LOT of people ask me if it was COVID. Who knows. They weren't testing back then. Because of him, I am being very...
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    5 Year old cat with sores all over

    It's best if you check with your vet before using any over the counter product on your cat. Waht may be safe for one cat could kill another due to underlying conditions. Good luck and I hope your boy gets some relief soon.
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    Make The 2nd Letter Your Last Letter Game

    Time to close this one.
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    Where are you going?

    I'm going to go with Kauai. If you aren't comfortable using your first name you can use your username. :)
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    Question of the day - Thursday 2 July

    Lately I've really been enjoying ricotta cheese on a pizza.
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    Which Smiley Describes How You Are Feeling Today? - 2020

    I'm sorry. :grouphug2: Are they allowing visitors? They still aren't around here.
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    Growing a Human

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    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Still the birds!