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    First time on a Plane?

    Bermuda on my honeymoon.
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    The Positive Thread 2021

    I am a HUGE HomeGoods fan. I went about six weeks ago but was nervous because it was crowded and got out of there fairly quickly. @Elphaba09 That is absolutely gorgeous! It puts one of my positives to shame :flail: I had one of the photos I took when we were in Napa printed on canvas...
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    Question of the Day, Friday, April 16

    Candles, shower gels, lotions, wine, wine glasses..... I have issues. :lol:
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    Landscaping ideas??

    One thing to think of when you are planting near those maples. As they get taller there will be shade in some parts of the yard.
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    What Should You Be Doing Instead Of Being On TCS - 2021

    My usual morning straightening of the kitchen.
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? 2021

    My husband has the TV on downstairs.
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    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? - 2021

    It was supposed to be sunny and warmer today, but it's still very gloomy out there.
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    Growing a Human - It’s a girl!

    Things still going well?
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    Featured Last Call for Donations for Jcat's/Tricia's Shelter

    Just a note that I am going to be wrapping up the donations for Tricia's/Jcat's shelter as mentioned here: Announcement - Our Moderator Tricia (jcat) Passed Away If you would still like to donate, please get your donation in by Friday, April 23rd. Donations can be sent via PayPal to...
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    Featured Feedback on Contests

    We've been a bit lax with contests lately. I'm not talking about photo contests, which we all love. They are back by the way. Don't miss your chance to enter - Featured - CONTEST: WE'RE BACK! ...PICTURE OF THE MONTH FOR APRIL!. Cats with their friend/s We've done many different contests in...
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    Changes to ad provider

    Thanks for letting us know!
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    Feel free to start a pregnancy thread of your own! We love following along. :biggrin:
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday April 14th

    I've been going through and getting rid of a lot of paperwork lately, both mine and my mother's. How do you generally get rid of sensitive paperwork (bank statements, credit card statements, etc.) ? I generally shred all paperwork like that, but there has been so much lately that I've been...
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    I was too, both times! You are going to have a big sense of relief once you are done today. :hearthrob: