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  1. basscat
    Individual personalities have more to do with danger to others than "bobcat". How they were raised, and just their personal misdemeanor. Three house cats grow up together and one might be a doll...
  2. Feral Mom
    WOW !! what a beauty!! Amazing. I have never seen this before. I do not know a thing about bobcats, but, is there danger to you or to visiting kids or other smaller pets? seems there would be,...
  3. basscat
    Little over three years old and 50lbs in this picture. [IMG]
  4. basscat
    The two photo's that I see above your message, he was 8 months old and around 20lbs. He's three years old now, full size, but not full grown. He won't get any bigger, but, he will fill out and...
  5. Feral Mom
    Is your cat full grown bobcat? How many pounds is it? I have never seen one.

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