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Right on and power to the people! Love all the photos! Hugo sleeps like that with both legs sticking out in front. He'll stay that way for hours. He's got similar length due to yours and the Spring has meant that there's every type of grass seed and burr that works its way into his fur. I'm grooming him every night to the point where it's half an hours work to remove them all. If I don't he ends up with matted lumps in two days. I'm so pleased that there are other people who led their cats on their beds, sofas, laps and generally treat them as family. I had guests last week that were horrified to see my cats sitting in the sofa and with their own chairs at the end of the kitchen worktop. The worktop itself is the only out of bounds area in the house. My guests looked really uncomfortable and couldn't help but point out how wrong they thought our treatment of the cats is. They were my partners friends and won't be returning to my house any time soon!

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