ace and william best.jpg

ace and william best.jpg

A Sweet Feral kitten adopted me, She was living in the closed up house next door that has not been kept up after home owner died. I noted the tip of L ear was gone and knew she was a feral returned to the area by the people who do the TNR in the neighborhood. I started feeding the kitten a better diet as she was quite malnourished. Now, 2 months later, she is an eating machine and talks to me all day. Finally got her to sleep in the house overnight but still wont use the liter box, goes outdoors. Allows brushing now and I just dusted her with Diatomaceous earth for Pets, got it at the health food store. Keeps the fleas and ticks away. She is crossed eyed with beautiful sky blue eyes, 1/2 white and 1/2 Dark brown face a la Phantom of the Opera like mask.... I call her Zena, warrior princess. Brings me lizards all day. LOL. Her coat is fine fur and the different colors of brown looks like a paint Apache horse. Got my heart....

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