10 Essential Cat Safety Rules You Need To Know

Curiosity killed the cat. Unfortunately the famous saying has a leg to stand on in reality. Cats are indeed curious and their curiosity can get them into trouble. This is especially true of kittens, although some cats remain extremely curious throughout their life.

It is up to you, the responsible cat owner, to make sure that your cat's curiosity doesn't land her in life-threatening situations. IT is up to you to keep your cat's living environment as hazard-free as possible. Kitty-proofing your home involves many measures, not all of them covered in this article. Hopefully, some of guidelines presented here will help you keep your cat safe.

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Here are ten simple tips to help you make your home safer for your resident feline(s). This is by no means a comprehensive cat safety guide, only a few pointers.

A cute ginger cat sniffing fresh home grown basil, 10 Essential Cat Safety Rules You Need To Know

1. Keep your windows screened at all times

A cat sitting behind a window screen and staring outside

Never assume that your kitty will be able to keep her balance on the window sill. Even the most agile of cats is bound to take a dangerous fall given enough trips to an unsecured window sill.

2. Always keep your cat ID'ed

An indoor cat with a red collar staring outside the window

You never know when your indoors-only cat will somehow get outside unsupervised. A cat collar with a clear ID tag that contains your name, phone number and a request to call that number if the cat is ever found outdoors, can truly save your cat's life and bring her back to you.

3. Refrigerate canned cat food within minutes of opening the can

Two gorgeous cats eating their canned food on their bowls

Cat food can go bad quickly when left outside on a hot day and cause a food poisoning. Never leave moist food out for more than half an hour. Any leftovers should be removed and refrigerated.

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4. Stir cat food that was heated in the microwave

An elderly woman preparing cat food using a microwave oven


Microwave-heated food can have hot spots hidden inside and these could easily give your cat a nasty burn. Always make sure the food isn't too hot and has an even temperature throughout the portion.

5. Store poisons away from the cat's reach

A child attempting to open cabinets with a child lock


Make sure that poisons, such as detergents and medicine, are securely locked away behind latched doors. Detergent bottles, even when tightly shut, can have drips of poisonous content over them. A cat rubbing against them could end up licking poison off her coat.

6. Triple check appliances where your cat may hide

A beautiful black and white cat sitting and looking at an open fridge


Stories of cats caught in a washing machine or a dryer aren't just urban legends. Don't allow these appliances to become playing or resting areas. Keep their doors shut when not in use. And when you do use them, always triple check before running them!

7. Keep sharp utensils away from your cat's reach 

A cute red cat sitting on the dining table with unfinished food on the plates

A sharp knife can cut a curious tongue or paw, if left on the table or counter, still covered in tempting gravy.

8. Watch our for anything  that your cat might ingest

An elderly cat being pet by her owner with balls of yarn in front of her

Hobbies that involve threads, needles, glue and small pieces can turn your home into a kitty minefield. Especially when dealing with active kittens, make sure that anything that might be ingested is out of reach. Make sure your crafting materials are safety stored out of Kitty's reach.

9. Keep your toilet lid closed when not in use

A cute white cat with huge eyes lying on a toilet bowl

If you have a kitten in your home, you could be saving her from jumping in and drowning. An older cat may be tempted to drink from the toilet water. Not only gross, but a risk of ingesting some of the disinfectants used in toilets.

10. Remove poisonous plants form your home 

A cute ginger cat sniffing fresh home grown basil

Check lists of plants that are toxic to cats and simply take those out of your home. While not all cats nibble on greenery, it's best to avoid the risk, especially when bringing home a new cat or kitten.

The most basic safety rule is to keep your eyes open and look around. If you see anything that may endanger your cat, think on ways to eliminate the danger. Prevention is everything when it comes to safety.

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One comment on “10 Essential Cat Safety Rules You Need To Know

redwingsfan51 June 16, 2015
With the two 13 week old kittens I've got I'm always chasing them away from electrical cords which they love to play with and/or chew on. They've also managed to unplug a couple things just by pawing at the cords so I've gotten into the habit of running the cords thru areas they can't get to. The last thing I want is to come home from work and find one of them electrocuted.

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