Amazing Photos! The 31 Most Helpful Cats You’ve Ever Seen!

Prepare for a dose of delightful surprise as we dive into the whiskered world of cats unlike any other! We're not just talking about cute kitties playing with yarn or lazily sunbathing on a window sill.

We have a real treat for you: cats that are rolling up their fur coats, ready to assist you with tasks at home and beyond! Imagine your cat doing dishes, folding clothes, or even managing the home office.

From turning into office helpers, and playing the mechanic to lending a paw in your hobbies, these cats prove they are more than just adorable pets.

Sit back and enjoy this unique parade of 31 incredible cats that are ready to turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary one!

Cats: The Unsung Heroes Of The Home Office!

Let's start with managing the home office. Bills? Filing? Shredding? Cats to the rescue!

1. Like this cat who has mastered the art of filing!

A grey and white cat files

2. And another "cat secretary" who knows just where every receipt is!

A brown striped kitty files papers

3. The key to teaching a cat to do your filing for you?

Start the training when they're young. Just look at this sweet kitten, so eager to start learning all about folders and documents!

Black cat sitting on top of files

Shredding? Who Needs A Machine?

4. No cat is too young to help with shredding. There's no need to invest in a mechanical shredder when you have a cat so eager to help!

A kitty is eating papers

5. Nothing is too thick for the feline shredder! Cardboard? Easy as pie!

A cat is sitting in a box after it has eaten it to pieces

6. Some cats have shredding down to an art form. Like this one who produces beautiful straight lines! What a pro!

A cat is covered in shredded papers

Cats: The Budgeting Whizzes

7. Does managing your household include collecting coupons? It's a good thing to have a cat check them for you. Cats are very good at picking the right coupons for your family. Say, the ones for two cans of tuna for the price of one.

A cat is looking at coupons

8. Calculating expenses can be a pain.

Admittedly, even cats can find it difficult at times, like this poor Kitty who lost himself in a tangle of calculator tape. I'm afraid he may have given up.

A cat is covered in ticker tape

9. With so much work around the office, it's ok to let your kitties take a break occasionally and play some computer games.

These two decided to make the most of their break and improve their skills by solving challenging puzzles. Puzzles are difficult enough it takes two feline masterminds to solve them!

Two cats are looking at a puzzle on the computer screen

Cats: The Little Muscles Of The Household

Moving on to the more physically challenging tasks around the home, some cats can be very good at moving heavy furniture around.

10. Like this cat, who's helping if you want to clear the floor for some serious vacuuming.

Grey cat looking like it is moving furniture

In fact, cats are committed to helping with everything furniture-related.

11. This industrious cat is helping put together a new Ikea piece because if you can't, your cat can do it for you! In fact, rumor has it Ikea is considering sending their own cats over to help customers that have no cats of their own.

Kitty is putting together Ikea furniture

Cats: The Curtain Champions

12. Do High-hanging curtains need to be drawn? Cats to the rescue!

Two kitties are hanging curtains

13. This cat figured it out: Work smarter, not harder!

Kitty is pulling on a string and curtain

14. Those hard-to-reach pull cords? It takes two cats to do the job: One to pull the string and the other to supervise.

Two kitties working together to pull the string on a lamp

15. And if the string is too high up for Kitty? Don't worry, he'll drag a ladder over if necessary.

Cat on the top of a ladder near a light

Fearless Felines: Nothing's Too High

16. Yes, cats don't let their short stature get in the way of helping! A ladder it is!

Black and white cat on a ladder

17. Look at this one, going so high up on a ladder to fix a lamp! Well done!

Cat climbing up a ladder

18. This cat proves that fixing things is always a priority, high up near the ceiling or low down under the sink.

Got a leak? Call this plumbpurr!

A cat inspecting plumbing under a sink


Cats: The Home Mechanics

19. Some cats are gifted mechanics too.

A cat has its head inside of a car - a mechanic?

20. And if it can't be fixed at home, your cat can always take the car to the garage for you.

Now, that's what I call being useful!

A cat looks to be driving a car

Cats are also happy to help care for other pets in our homes.

Cats: The Caretakers of Other Pets

21. These two white cats are busy minding the fish tank.

Two white cats

22. This well-meaning feline provides some well-needed intellectual stimulation for a goldfish.

Black and white kitty looking at the fish in a tank

23. While this one is making sure the lid is secure on the fish tank. After all, we don't want those fish to get out.

Cat is looking into the fish tank

24. Going beyond fish, this cat has taken to looking after the hamster.

Cat is looking into a cage

25. And this one is making himself extra helpful in caring for the family guinea pig! Nothing quite like a close inspection.

He knows the silly little rodent might be scared of him, so he's doing it while hiding. How very considerate!

Cat hanging out with a guinea pig

Cats: The Little Helpers

26. Cats can help you look after the kids too. Like this one, tutoring a human child and helping her make it to the next level in her game.

Cat looking at a computer screen

27. Speaking of tutoring, this cat is actually helping a kid with his homework! Now, how helpful is that?

Cat helping with homework

Finally, cats help not only with boring household chores. They will be there for you to help with the challenges of your favorite hobbies and pastimes.

Cats: The Hobbyists' Little Helpers

28. Like this Kitty, helping solve the crossword puzzle

Cat solving a crossword puzzle

29. And this one, taking a well-deserved rest after finally putting together all four corners of a huge jigsaw puzzle.

Cat doing a puzzle

30. This kitty knows all about crocheting! Any crocheter will tell you that granny squares need to be flattened out to be blocked. This cat knows it too and is eager to help!

Cat crocheting

31. If your fingers ache from knitting, take a break and let Kitty add a couple of rows on his own.

Cat sewing

A Poem For Our Helpful Cats

From dishing out files to spinning yarn piles,
These cats sure know how to make us smile!
Whether they're mending or tending,
Or even just pretending,
They always do it in their own unique style.

Cats aren't just about lounging and napping,
We've seen that they're good at multitasking.
Filing, shredding, and even babysitting,
There's nothing these fluffs find non-fitting!

From the office to the living room,
Our feline friends are ready to zoom.
Their purrs and miaows, such sweet sound,
Make our daily chores go round and round.

A helper, a friend, a tiny furball,
No task is too big, and no job is too small.
They may not always do it right,
But they sure make the effort a delight.

So here's to our four-legged friends so dear,
Who help, play, and fill us with cheer.
In their own cute, whiskered way,
They truly make our day.

Just remember, safety is key,
For both humans and kitties, we agree.
So let's have fun, laugh, and play,
With our helpful cats, every day!


Let us know in the comments section how your cats are helping you and if you have awesome photos that show your cats helping, do share them in the Fur Pictures Forum!

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9 comments on “Amazing Photos! The 31 Most Helpful Cats You’ve Ever Seen!

pamela.b April 3, 2023
I raised 2 orphaned kittens from 3 weeks old. They were an absolute joy and learnt to communicate very clearly. When I had to move into an almshouse, when they were 11 months, one moved in with my daughter and the other with my son. That was nearly 4 years ago. Both cats still meow and yawn 'hello' when entering an occupied room, or when someone comes in to a room where they are. They meow and walk away when they want you to follow because they want to show you something. But the thing that most people don't believe is this. If they were playing outside I would call them by name before dark and they would almost always come. Sometimes Ginger got delayed. If so, when Bertie turned up I would praise and fuss him. Then I would say, 'but where is your brother Ginger? Bertie, go and find Ginger'. Bertie would meow and run off. Within 5 or 6 minutes Bertie would return, shepherding Ginger like a sheep dog. This happened many times. Has anyone a similar experience?
StrawberryKitty September 27, 2020
My cat, I'm sure, could be a professional knitter. I've seen her many a time with a ball of yarn wrapped around her claws.
gilmargl May 1, 2020
Where are the cats helping with making the beds? I think all the cats I've ever had loved helping me in the bedroom. There are always a few little holes even in my almost new sheets and pillowcases!
roserivers January 26, 2017
absolutely love these pictures and the captions! So funny, so cute!   I am simply LOVING this site! SOOOOOO glad I found you.
bootsandamy2 September 17, 2016
Wonderful pictures!  My kitty Boots loves to hold on to my left hand while I type with both hands. He never touches the keys, just wants to be part of what Mommy is doing
poppys mum July 9, 2016
I loved the photos and captions above.  Poppy always likes to help with the gardening, she likes to help dig when we are digging and loves to supervise, going from my partner back to me to make sure we are getting it just right.  She also loves to help with my studies, and loves to lie around on glossy magazines or the newspaper while relaxing.
raysmyheart May 3, 2016
I love this compilation, it is so well put together.  The captions to the wonderful pictures are hilarious!  Yes, Speedy was helping me with bed making again today.  She was digging frantically on the sheets, over and over again this morning,  to make sure the thread count was up to standard!  
raysmyheart May 3, 2016
Oh God, these are too much!  I am still laughing!  My Rachel once put an "official stamp" on my birth certificate which I had on the table for copying the next day.  These days, I get a lot of help with bed making from Speedy.  Any movement of the sheets, and she is right there pouncing on them, making sure it is done right!  This is the best kind of help I could ask for!
tarasgirl06 May 3, 2016
ROFLMOTO! especially at the ones with the ancient monitors.  I have a soft spot for those. 

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