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15 Awesome Cat Caves That Are Practical, Beautiful And Fun

Jul 14, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Cats love having their own little hiding places where they feel safe enough to nap or just rest as they observe the happenings in their kingdom.

    These cat caves - sometimes called igloos or tents - are essentially covered cat beds. They are available in a huge variety of gorgeous designs, from plush to plastic. Here are 15 awesome cat caves that are practical as well as beautiful. Most of all, they're just fun to have around your home - for your cat and for you!

    1. Armarkat Cat Bed Cave

    Simple and elegant, the Armarkat Cat Cave offers plenty of room for your cat to lounge inside.

    2. The Kitty Kube Hideout

    If your cat loves boxes, he or she is going to love the Kitty Kube! It's flexible enough to squash into an open bed shape too, offering your cat a double-layered extra soft open bed.

    3. The Yosoo Shark Bed

    Even if you're scared of sharks you'll soon find out Kitty is not. This spacious shark is one that cats love crawling into!

    4. The Milliard Zippered Igloo Cat Bed

    Need to turn a plush open cat bed into a cave? Why not zip it up? Easy to clean and versatile, this zippered igloo is a popular choice for a cat cave.

    5. The Cat Ball Bed

    The cat ball is a brilliant concept! It's a hexagonal "ball" with two openings making it a tunnel among cat caves (and a cat cave among tunnels, of course).

    7. Handmade Felted Merino Wool Cat Cave Bed

    Wool felt beds are crocheted with real wool which is then felted to create a unique fluffy texture. These beds are handmade in Nepal from New Zealand Merino wool for comfort and durability. Each one is a unique item.

    8. Gin Cat Sleeping Snug Bed

    Left to its own devices, this cat cave turns into a flat pita pocket. You can be sure it will soon be filled not with yummy falafel balls, but with an adorable cat! Cats find this cave irresistible.

    9. Creation Core Lion Cave Bed

    Why settle for a pet bed when you can get Kitty a real lion's den? Round, plush and wild looking, this cat cave even has its own ears and a mane!

    10. Cat Fish-Shaped Cave Bed

    If a lion is too intimidating, how about a fun colorful fish? Kitty can play Jonah and get in and out at whale.

    11. Mouse-shaped cat cave

    This huge mouse-shaped cat cave is so awesome! It's strong enough to double as a scratching post with its sisal covered roof. It also has two entries, each with its own stringed ball to pounce at!

    12. Pink Pig Cat Cave Bed

    This adorable soft piggy cave is perfect if you want to introduce a pink touch to your room decor. Soft and round, it offers your cat a safe place all her own.

    13. The Hamburger Cat Bed

    If your cat loves to get under the covers on your bed, he or she will probably love this bed. Not all cats take to the concept right away, but you can leave it open at first and only later offer the cover of the upper bun for easier adjustment.

    14. The Cat Pod Bed

    Who says a cat cave needs to be soft? This cool plastic pod is beautifully designed and has a sleek futuristic look. Cats feel protected and comfortable on the plush cushion that's inside.

    15. The Hepper Pod Cat Bed

    The Hepper pod takes things to the next level with a cat cave on its own stand! It's a fantastic design that is sure to grab your guests' attention. Highly decorative and perfect for kitties, what more can you ask for?

    So, which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section. If you own one of these please add your review in the reviews section (just click on the cave's name to get to the reviews page).

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  1. SeventhHeaven
    My pick #11 Pet Mouse Cave with sisal scratcher on top
  2. beardrinksbeer
    I made this cave for my George
    it is made from an old 60 litre fermenter, an old towel for the base, a piece of carpet & a pillow; he loved it
  3. lulululu
    I've been commissioned to design some cat furniture. Would love to hear what people would like to see that no one has done yet. For my cats, it is a scratching post that is high enough for a cat to stand and really stretch, like they would with a tree. Anyone else have a wish, a peeve, or a fantasy?
  4. mservant
    Mouse loves his Shark den but only to dive in to when chasing biscuits.  I'd love to see him curl up in there but he seems to prefer making dens in my bed....  :(  Because it looks so funny though, I don't mind as much as I have with his other unused dens and it always stays out in the sittingroom.   I really like the ball design one but am reluctant to get any more given lack of Mouse interest in the various ones we already have.  The Hepper pod looks great but I'm more likely to use it than Mouse, and that price is WAY out of my league.
  5. margd
    I like #14 too (The Cat Pod bed) but am not sure my kitties would go for it.  We could compromise with the Lion Bed (#9), the Fish Bed (# 10) and the Mouse Bed #11.  As for the cat pod on the stand, that would look great in my apartment but as Plan points out, that $330 price tag is too steep for me - especially since I'd have to get two of them!  
  6. plan
    I agree, Kittens Mom, but look at that $330 price tag for the stand pod! Most of the others are in the $30 range, and while I'd have no problem springing for a $50 bed, like the futuristic-looking pod (#14), a $330 bed is way too much. That's a bed for Paris Hilton's pampered pets.
  7. kittens mom
    I love the cat pod bed on the stand. Aside from when they may be looking for a cool spot I don't like their beds of the floor in the winter. And the aesthetic  is pleasing to my personal taste.  The clean lines would blend with any style.
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