Cat Furniture

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Indoor cats need furniture to climb on, claw and just play around with. Designated cat furniture becomes the obvious solution when you need to protect your couch and shelves, or just to add more playing areas for your cat. There are some great designs out there too, with cat furniture that can be beautifully integrated into your home decor.

Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect piece of cat furniture. For specific recommendations by our community members hop over to our Cat Furniture Reviews threads.

Cat Furniture Stability

Nothing turns a cat off more than a wobbly cat tree, or a scratching post that nearly topples over when leaned against. Make sure that your cat furniture has a wide solid base, or alternatively, anchor it to your floor or an adjacent wall.

Cat Furniture Size

With cat furniture, bigger is better. Scratching surfaces need to be long and wide enough for your cat to comfortably stretch over when she scratches them. Cat trees need to be tall enough to simulate a real tree, at least to some extent, and provide your kitty with a comfortable and secure perching spot. In a multi-cat household, make sure there are enough resting spots on the tree to accommodate all feline inhabitants or get more trees…

Texture and Feel

While cats aren’t likely to mind the color of cat furniture, they might have some preference when the texture is in question. Your best bet is to provide a cat furniture piece with a variety of textures and surfaces. Sisal rope, various types of carpet and natural wood are old-time cat favorites. The texture is particularly important if you want your cat furniture to double as a scratching post, as most cat owners do.

All in all, a large sturdy cat tree, covered in a variety of textures can be just the thing for your resident feline. It serves as a playground and a resting place, reducing stress levels and enriching your cat’s life.

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