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  1. Special Needs Cats: Aztec

    Special Needs Cats: Aztec

    Sugarcatmom shared with us the story of Aztec, a beautiful senior cat with diabetes. Aztec (who celebrated his 19th birthday on May 5th) was diagnosed with diabetes in 2003. He’s also had chronic renal insufficiency for the past couple years (amongst other health conditions common to his age...
  2. Special Needs Cats: Billy

    Special Needs Cats: Billy

    TCS member frankthetank shares with us the story of Billy, who was born blind but doesn't seem to know it... My 2 year old cat Billy was born blind, but shhh don't tell him that! At his first vet check at 11 weeks of age, we were told that there was no real answer as to why he was blind, he...
  3. Special Needs Cats: Aya

    Special Needs Cats: Aya

    TCS member Lyrajean reminds us that "Special Needs" can be mental and not just physical with the story of Aya, the neurotic calico. Aya is a special needs kitty not because of any physical disability but because of her emotional/mental health needs. Since the age of 8 months, Aya has...
  4. Special Needs Cats: Peanut

    Special Needs Cats: Peanut

    Today we turn the spotlight at Peanut, as his owner orangeishcat shares the story of this sweet cat with weakened hindquarters: Peanut has a severe weakness in his hind quarters and very little motor control. He cannot jump up onto things, and when he rubs against you he will bounce off and...
  5. Special Needs Cats: Joji

    Special Needs Cats: Joji

    TCS member yayi shares the story of Joji, a senior cat who's lost both her hearing and the flexibility of her joints - Her name is Joji and a calico. She was the resident feral cat living in the property when I moved in back in 1997. Now that she is at least 15 years old, she is deaf and has...
  6. Special Needs Cats: Meet Little

    Special Needs Cats: Meet Little

    Karen Lyn shares with us the story of Little, the Blind and the Beautiful - Little is the sunshine of my life. He is my 2nd foster failure. Around 5 months old, I realized he could only see bright lights. Gradually he became completely blind. He gets around so well it took me all those months...
  7. Special Needs Cats: Meet Keyser

    Special Needs Cats: Meet Keyser

    Keyser has deformed front paws. His owner darkeyedgirl shared with us what living with this sweet purring bundle of joy is like. Keyser was a stray we took in last year (he was dumped off in our neighborhood and we just bonded with the little guy). His special need is his front paws - he has a...
  8. Special Needs Cats: Cerebellar Hypoplasia

    Special Needs Cats: Cerebellar Hypoplasia

    Why would someone adopt a cat who cannot walk, climb into a litter box or hear? That’s easy—the cat was a gift - from Princess, the Mama Cat. When Paulette saw a white cat with one yellow eye and one blue eye at Animal Control, she tried to talk herself out of adopting. The cat was still there...
  9. The Deaf Cat

    The Deaf Cat

    What is deafness?Deafness is a temporary or permanent loss of hearing due to age, genetic defect, infection, mites, injury or as a side effect of certain kinds of drugs like antibiotics or diuretics. Deafness can be one ear or both, total or partial, and originate from the ear itself or from the...
  10. A Feline Diabetes Story

    A Feline Diabetes Story

    Toby was adopted from the Humane Society in Evansville, Indiana. Returned. Adopted. Returned. Meanwhile, Mary Beth Foster's friend decided Mary Beth needed some company. Instead of buying a birthday gift, she offered to pay the Humane Society's adoption fee if Mary Beth would go pick out a...
  11. Blind Cats

    Blind Cats

    Photo of Gwen and Homer the blind catHomer begins his sneak attack by flattening to the floor and in silent mode, approaches within pouncing distance. For Homer, quiet is equal to invisible. As he gathers himself for the final leap, the other cat jumps him! How do they always know? They can see...