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  1. beardrinksbeer

    Taking Care Of Cats In Holiday Season

    as Monty Python would say, "and now for something completely different ...." Pet owner's guide to surviving the festive season A pet owner's guide to surviving the festive season May everyone, and that includes the little ones, get something nice from Santa this Christmas :gift:
  2. beardrinksbeer

    Resolved Authentication Required

    I get the error below when I click on a link in the first post (or what is it called now?) New Site Guides! cheers
  3. beardrinksbeer

    Just adopted two kittens.

    I just got Bonnie & Clyde & the first thing they did was eat; now they are sleeping  :) what do I need to do?  Should I take them to the vet in 3 weeks time, they are 35 days old today is there anything special I need to do to them?  I have skim milk watered down & kitten food & things for...
  4. beardrinksbeer

    need advice about my Tiger

    I got Tiger from the RSPCA 2 weeks ago.  he was in the pound with his mum & sister.  Tiger was cuddled up to mum & the sister was hiding in a box & doesn't like to come out for the first week, Tiger was hiding behind the couch during the day, but would come out at night.  I moved the couch a...
  5. beardrinksbeer

    My beautiful boy, George

    pictures of my George today as it is a week since he wanted to go to sleep I miss my little man