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  1. rockcat

    Just Curious

    Hi Pam. Thank you for being here. We have 2 indoor cats since kittenhood, Oliver, 13 and Tripod, 10. Both are healthy. Oliver seems to usually be the alpha cat. I am not writing about a problem, just a question. Oliver is very social to company. He will practically stand on his head to get...
  2. rockcat

    Happy National Doughnut Day!

    Just in case you did'nt know, its National Doughnut Day! In my area, there's a local Doughnut shop giving out free maple-bacon doughnuts.
  3. rockcat

    Outlander Series

    I don't usually post on this board. I go through spurts of reading, and don't often have much to add. This isn't the first time this series has been mentioned, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to resurrect a thread from 2004.
  4. rockcat

    I'm wondering

    I'm wondering if Ducman69 is okay. I haven't seen him on here lately. Anyone know?
  5. rockcat

    Red Tape

    I just had to tell you guys about this. Too funny and soooo stupid. I am the "account manager" (contact person) for communication purposes with the supplemental insurance company used by the employees where I work. I noticed that on the new bill, my policy is missing. I sent an electronic...
  6. rockcat

    Toxic Butt|topnews|text|Home I almost posted this yesterday, but I thought there was a good chance it was a hoax. Now more people are coming forward.
  7. rockcat

    I got scammed

    My DH and I were outside last weekend having a cookout and I heard on the radio that Trans-Syberian Orchestra tickets were on sale. My DH had already tried to get tickets for my birthday in September, but the concert was cancelled. I ran to the computer and stupidly purchased tickets on a site I...
  8. rockcat


    I was online looking at Google+ and my AVG popped up and said I had a threat. It identified the threat as coming from Wild angent games that my DH plays. (Well, not anymore.) Since then, the identity protection component of AVG is not active. The fix button does not fix it. I tried to use...
  9. rockcat

    Godspeed, Atlantis!

    So today's the day for the final space shuttle launch, weather permitting. May God bless the astronauts and keep them safe.
  10. rockcat

    For those of you who pray,

    please keep my friend JC in your prayers. Her husband passed away last night. They did everything together and were everything together. He was a good man and will be missed. She loved him deeply. RIP sweet DC.
  11. rockcat

    Deal of the Day

    Today, go to and click on the top left under restaurant deals. Enter your zip code. This will take you to where you can scarf up $25 gift certificates for $4.00! You won't see the discount until you add the gift certificate(s) to your cart. Of course, there are...
  12. rockcat

    Radiation Threat

    I think all the rest of the news pales in comparison to the devastation that has already happened and the threat of radiation that those in Japan are facing. I heard on the radio that there is a no-fly zone above the reactors. People are ordered to seal themselves indoors. Can all those who...
  13. rockcat

    Temporary pain relief

    from dental pain... This is too good not to share. My pain was so bad I had to sip cool water every few minutes. The typical tooth pain relievers worked for a minute - barely. Asprin didn't take the edge off. So I searched for home remedies. Vanilla extract works! I poured it on a cotton ball...
  14. rockcat

    Emails that Cry Wolf

    This morning I received one for the umpteenth time from a well-loved older relative. You know the kind I'm talking about. The ones that spread untruths, many times political in nature, but not always. I receive these on a regular basis family who I love and respect. I don't want to hurt their...
  15. rockcat

    Jim Morrison pardoned?

    Outgoing Florida Governor wants the late Jim Morrison pardoned for exposing himself in Miami. At least he has his priorities in line.
  16. rockcat

    How do you vote?

    Well, I'm not actually asking how to vote or who you voted for. I'm curious how we come up with our decisions. For instance, do you do a lot of research online, listen to ads, read articles and editorials in the paper, etc. Do you bother researching the "little guys" like (in our local...
  17. rockcat

    Do BIG cats like catnip?

    Someone just emailed me this video on youtube.
  18. rockcat

    Does anybody know

    What kind of animal would kill a rabbit and bury it? My DH found it in the back yard. There are no dogs around that we know of. There are woods behind our yard. I'm thinking possibly a fox. Do they bury their prey?
  19. rockcat

    Attitude changes in different rooms

    This isn't a problem, I'm just curious if anyone else experiences this: Oliver can be a bit standoffish when he's in the living room. For instance, he will shirk away when petted. On the other hand, when he is in the bathroom, he is very cuddly. Do you think this is unusual? This does not...
  20. rockcat

    Prosthetic Paws

    After Oscar's tragic farming accident, he was fitted with prosthetic back paws. It took a few months of rehab, but he is doing fine.