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  1. lizzie


    We have no credit cards at all.Don't want any either.
  2. lizzie

    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    Sweet and sour ham with garlic ginger rice was dinner.Haven't made anything sweet and sour in a long time...was really good!
  3. lizzie

    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    Hubby requested salmon for dinner,so he got roasted salmon filet,with onions and lemon,boiled new potatoes and steamed asparagus.I made strawberry shortcakes for dessert.Yum!
  4. lizzie

    Question of The Day. Saturday 19th of June.

    I've had all of mine except for shingles and I don't believe I've had the hepatitis vax.When I was working,one of the things I did was make all the arrangements for the health department to come out to the store and give anyone who signed up and their families their flu shots,and tetanus as...
  5. lizzie

    Question of the Day, Friday, June 18

    Our bedroom is the only one downstairs,and the upstairs is closed off so probably not a good idea.
  6. lizzie

    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    We have a new place that opened recently in town called the Feed Store...have read lots of great reviews on their food.Their special today is catfish.fries,hush puppies and a drink ,so I think that's going to be our dinner.
  7. lizzie

    my 7th wedding anniversary is next thursday (june 17th)

    Happy Anniversary,and many more!
  8. lizzie

    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? - 2021

    Oh it's hot and humid here...94 right now.UGH!
  9. lizzie

    What's one dessert?

    I don't think I've ever met a dessert I didn't like!But,I will, say I'm not a big ice cream fan..I much prefer I guess that's cream.
  10. lizzie


    I have one closet in my house and it's jammed crammed full...of everything you can imagine.I need to take a day and go thru things,but I still have no place for that to go.Sigh....
  11. lizzie

    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    I think tonight we'll have leftover fried chicken and a tomato,cucumber and onion salad.It is too hot to cook!I was going to make cookies today and he said no,no oven.Alrighty then!
  12. lizzie

    What's your favorite way to eat potatoes?

    I'd have to say ,mashed...with butter,cream cheese and half and half.Oh my!
  13. lizzie

    The Positive Thread 2021

    Did they never explain any of that stuff to you?
  14. lizzie

    Question of the Day, Sunday the 13th of June, 2021

    I don't have the patience to mess with my hair anymore.When I worked that was a different story.I haven't colored in years,and have had it cut relatively short for a long time.Since retiring,I really don't want to mess with it so I keep it in a very short pixie.It's what I call wash and go hair.
  15. lizzie

    Do you still have these in your house?

    I have everything but the take out menus.
  16. lizzie

    Question of the Day, Friday, June 11

    I don't ever remember my Mom fixing pizza.I have no idea if that was a "Dad didn't like it,soooo" or what.We love pizza in my house,and I make it pretty often.
  17. lizzie

    One Has To Go.....Sandwiches!

    I'm afraid I'd have to toss the egg salad
  18. lizzie

    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    Tonight we're having hot dogs (I made the buns the other day when I made bread) with a cold bean salad that's chilling in the fridge and I have a bag of his favorite potato chips.It's hot and humid here today!
  19. lizzie

    Recipes - Salads And Salad Dressings

    I made this salad this afternoon...just kinda threw it together.It's hot here,and I'm going to serve it a go with for hot dogs and chips.Thought I'd pass it on in case someone might like this sort of thing.I just call it a cold bean salad... 1 can pinto beans,rinsed and drained well...