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  1. abbycats

    Picture of the Month: Litter Box Photos - Sponsored by Litter-Robot!!

    I think my picture wound up on the wrong topic... Sorry about that! Can a moderator delete picture #3 because it won't let me.
  2. abbycats

    RIP Bast

    Your spirit is free from the body that was so sick. We love you so much Bast.
  3. abbycats

    Exercise ball and cats???

    I want to get an excercise ball and was wondering if they are resistant to cat claws. Is there any particular one that is recommended?
  4. abbycats

    debating on dying my hair

    I have my hair colored a dark red(it was naturally auburn before it turned mousie grey). Red is a hard color to maintain when you color it. It fades. I would imagine red highlights would be the same way. I am to scared to color my hair myself so I have it professionally done.
  5. abbycats

    Happy Birthday to an amazing, wonderful woman LAURIE aka LDG

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I hope you had a great day!!!!!!
  6. abbycats

    Horrible news! Anyone remember Rosemary/Butzie?

    RIP Rosemary. Does anybody know what happened to Butzie and her birds. I hope they are in safe loving homes
  7. abbycats

    Could use some good thoughts for something important to us

    Sending you Tons and tons of vibes You both are such wonderful people and I wish you the very best in life!!!
  8. abbycats

    A Very Sad Day

    RIP Khan I'm so sorry about Khan. Several years ago I lost my 5 year old abyssinian to anesthetic reaction when he went in for his teeth cleaning. It broke my heart.
  9. abbycats

    Jim Morrison pardoned?

    It's always nice to revisit the Doors and Jim Morrison!
  10. abbycats

    General update on life, divorce, kitties.

    When it rains it pours. I went through a horrible divorce years ago that left me almost homeless. My 6 cats and I went through a real tough time for 8 months. I didn't think there was a light at the end of the tunnel. The only thing that kept me focused was my responsibilities to my cats cause...
  11. abbycats

    I took new pictures (warning, pic heavy)

    Your house is beautiful!!! We just relocated to Omaha about 6 months ago. I got a job working for the railroad at the corporate office. We just put in a bid for a house last week. It's a tiny house that is close to downtown. We are renting a house in midtown right now. Your house should sell fast!!!
  12. abbycats

    RIP Jack (Rub Slut) 2002-2010

    RIP Jack
  13. abbycats

    The fine line between pet ownership, rescue, and hoarding...

    We Have 6 wonderful little cats. We had 8 and one passed away at 18 years old, and we lost another one to old age this year. We took on an outside stray for 5 years. We had him fixed and vetted. He was an outdoor cat who adopted us on his conditions. He didn't want to be a part of our household...
  14. abbycats

    I need big vibes that BW will find his way hom

    I am hoping and praying he is safe and has found somebody to care for him. I believe he is trying to find his way to his old home. My neighbors know BW well and we still own our home in Gothenburg. We have tenants moving in at the beginning of the month. I will have them watch for him also.
  15. abbycats

    I need big vibes that BW will find his way hom

    It will be 3 weeks this coming thursday. No sign of BW. I hope that he is safe and being taken care of.
  16. abbycats

    My Cats - Rare and Exotic

    Hi Welcome to TCS!!! You have beautiful cats.
  17. abbycats

    3 Baby Redtail Hawks

    I work in a tall glass building in Omaha and I was told today that they turn down the lights and lower the blinds on second shift so the birds don't fly into the glass windows. RIP little babies
  18. abbycats

    Why did the turkeys cross the road?

    If your a turkey hunter it's hunting season for jakes and Toms. I went turkey hunting once and couldn't kill one. I am not a hunter. We have an overpopulation of them here also.
  19. abbycats

    I need big vibes that BW will find his way hom

    We went to the humane society this afternoon to file a lost cat report and look for him. He was not there. I felt so heartbroken by all the elderly cats that were up for adoption that were given up by their owners. It makes me cry. Thank you for your kind words and maybe Hopehacker can send a...