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  1. GoldyCat

    Featured Picture of The Month Competition: June 2021 CAT NOTES..

    Which picture do you want to use as your entry?
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    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    It's tricky to interpret a CBC simply because most of the numbers only give you an indication of the problem, not a definitive diagnosis. The lines under the RBC are components of the red blood cells. The lines under the WBC are different types of white blood cells. The high neutrophil count...
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    Featured Picture of The Month Competition: June 2021 CAT NOTES..

    You write the note, place it next to your cat (or wait for your cat to come to the note) then take a picture. The notes are not added to an existing picture.
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    Feeding for Two Conundrum

    Can you put Fred in a large crate with his food and keep him locked in until Ginger is finished with her meal? I have one cat who is a slow eater, so he gets put in the crate long enough to get his meal without the other cats shoving their faces into his dish. This probably wouldn't work for...
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    Featured Picture of The Month Competition: June 2021 CAT NOTES..

    Charlie and Hercules. I made the sign with Charlie's name on it and then had to wait through several of Hercules' special meals for the right cat to get in the picture.
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    Traveling with Prince

    Are you traveling in a motor home or car? Will the cats be confined in carriers while you're moving? Take him on some short trips first, maybe only an hour or two to start with and gradually increase the time. It will give you some idea of how he's going to react.
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    Kitten sheds?

    Each cat/kitten is different. They all tend to shed more in hot weather. I got my first kitten when she was 7 weeks old. She rarely shed at all, even when she was an adult. I got her sister (littermate) at 3 months, and she was shedding like crazy. They're both shorthair, so that's not what...
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    Adopting retired bengal queen

    Your brother really needs to find out more about the breed and the breeder before making a commitment to take the cat. Three litters in a 2 year old cat is a lot. It's put a lot of stress on her and likely affected her development and general health. Do you know how old her last litter is...
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    Removing loose hair without a brush

    Try a lint roller. I've used it to remove dandruff and it catches loose hair as well.
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    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    The simple fact that the breeder actually refunded your money tells me he knows he's at least partially at fault. At this point it's probably a good thing you won't have any more contact with him. Praying for your baby.
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    Got a new cat, reputable breeder or byb?

    I'm sorry your kitten is not doing well and that the breeder is not cooperating with you. How was the kitten transported? It's possible the kitten was exposed to something during transport, but not likely. Do you have a contract signed by both you and the breeder? Or at the very least...
  12. GoldyCat

    Boy or girl kitten?

    Looks like a boy to me.
  13. GoldyCat

    Scottish fold unfold?

    I don't know a lot about Scottish Folds, but I've heard that the ears can straighten if he cats get really hot, as in a hot climate. I don't remember hearing if they fold back down when the weather cools off.
  14. GoldyCat

    What color are these kittens?

    I agree with @lutece, they are solid blue. I do see faint tabby markings but no points. They're all shorthair. Please keep posting pictures as they grow so we can see who wins the guessing game. :cheerleader:
  15. GoldyCat

    does my cat look like a normal tabby?

    I see a Domestic Shorthair (DSH) Brown Mackerel Tabby. I think broken mackerel rather than spotted tabby pattern because the spots are in regular lines, not a random scatter. I expect he'll grow into his ears soon enough. For comparison, these are my girls at 4 weeks, 3 months, and 1 year.
  16. GoldyCat

    Is my kitten long or short haired?

    He looks like a shorthair to me. Right now he has the kitten fuzzies, but that will smooth out as he gets older. ETA What is his name?
  17. GoldyCat

    Is this a girl or boy?

    Pointed means they have color on the cool "points", mostly ears, face, and tail when they're young. As cats age and their whole body temperature drops somewhat they can develop color on the whole body, but the points will generally still be the darkest areas.
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    3 months old kitten, new cat/kitten owner!

    :hellosmiley: and welcome to TCS. Thank you for your care of this little one. What is her name? We are not experts here, but we'll give you suggestions based on our own experiences, which means you're likely to get conflicting views. Hopefully you'll be able to figure out what works best for...
  19. GoldyCat

    Gender of kitten?

    Hard to tell from pictures sometimes, especially the black one. My first impression is that the black one is a girl, the first 2 tabbies are boys, and the last tabby (purple dot) is a girl. Probably/maybe. The vet should be able to tell better in person. Otherwise you just wait a few weeks...
  20. GoldyCat

    Do I need to be washing my cats bowls before every feeding?

    I usually put at least two meals in the bowls before I wash them. It's probably not the best practice, but I haven't had any cats get sick from it.