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  1. coolcat

    The old times.

    Hi TCS!!, I just remember you and I wanted to say hello here again. Hope everyone are fine and keep safe from the Virus. Greetings from the CoolCat´s Family! Sincelesly, Rigz!
  2. coolcat

    Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!

    With deep grief in our shoulders, this is The day that should not never comes, EVER…The Cool Cats Family have an announcement… King Milky die. We are devastated, in special, I… He was victim of a kidney failure,… two years ago, we saw his behavior change not radically but we have seen he...
  3. coolcat

    Daily Question 03/09/16

    Good morning TCS! :wavey: Easy Question of today: Is about way of comunicate. ;) Thanks for participate!:wavey:
  4. coolcat

    Daily Question 03/02/16

    Good morning! ;) (yet almost near at noon) grrr no internet at job today a failure from the electricity cut and we are like dogs sweats... :sweat: very awful The question is: HOW frecuently you have cuts of electricity at office or at home and how often happens? :confused: ( in your área of...
  5. coolcat

    Daily Question 02/24/16

    Question of today. :wavey: Last week I ask about how the Internet and the gadgets and many other stuffs have been change your life.... Did you still receiving your Newspaper in paper? or do you have a electronic suscription and read the news in your favourite gadget? :wavey:
  6. coolcat

    Daily Question 02/17/16

    Good morning TCS!:wavey: The question of today is: How so deep the Technology have change your life? ( I mean, are you using smart phones, e-mails, internet on TV instead of cable tv, etc.,...) :think: have a nice wednesday!:wavey:
  7. coolcat

    Daily Question 02/10/16

    Good morning! :wavey: Here´s the Daily question of today. Did you know, wich one animal you´re (as well) the Chinesse Calendar? :evilgrin: Please, search for it and post here! ;) :nod:............:wavey:
  8. coolcat

    Daily Question 02/03/16

    Good morning my friends! :sun: :wavey: Hope you had a great weekend! :nod: Well the question of today is maybe for a select number of people of here: How many FINES you get last year about your car? ( I mean for parking in a prohibited place, or speed on the way, etc,,) :evilgrin:
  9. coolcat

    Daily Question 01/27/16

    Good morning Friends of TCS! :wavey: Here´s the question of today! : :think: Wich one was your Nickname when you was a Child? (in the School) :lol3: Have a nice day! :wavey:
  10. coolcat

    Daily Question 01/20/16

    Good morning Folks of TCS! :wavey: The question of today is: How many wristwatch do you have? do you like combine your outfit with your wristwatch? do you have a wristwatch favourite in a brand or like about boutique? :think: Happy Wednesday!:wavey:
  11. coolcat

    Question of the Day 01/13/16

    Good morning TCS! :wavey: The Question of today is about outfits ;) How many outfits ( blouses, tshirt, jeans, jacket, cap or hat, scarfs,... do you have in pink colour? :D :wavey:
  12. coolcat

    Question of the Day 01/06/16

    Good Morning TCS! :wavey: :clap:Happy New Year 2016 to everyone! :clap: The Question of today is: Did you consider at least one Resolution for this new year? would you like to talk about this with us? :nod: Happy Wednesday my friends! :clap: the first of the new year! :clap:
  13. coolcat

    Question of the Day 12/30/15

    Good morning! Last question of the Day Wednesday on 2015! :clap: 52.- How you define your 2015 year in a phew words? :think: Congratulations to everyone and Thank you, Many Thank you for participate in the answer the question of the "WhiskersWednesday" Daily question of TCS! :hugs: Happy...
  14. coolcat

    Question of the Day 12/23/15

    Good morning TCS! :wavey: Here´s one of the last questions for 2015! almost we are in Christmas Eve!:clap: 51.- If you could go back in time and relive the past, what things would you change? :think: :indiff: I take the opportunity to say "Meowrry" Chritsmas :santa: to you and...
  15. coolcat

    Question of the day 12/16/15

    Good morning TCS!:wavey: Sorry for the absent last week,...( I hate December :confuse2: ) Everything is for NOW and hurry! :disa:... but work is work.... :rolleyes: Let see for today..:nod: If someone gave you $ 100 I said I have to give them to someone other than his immediate family, what...
  16. coolcat

    Question of the day 12/02/15

    Good morning TCS! The question of today is 49. ¿What were some of your most memorable vacations? Grettings friends!
  17. coolcat

    Question of the day 11/25/15

    Good morning TCS! :sun: :wavey: The question of today is: 51. What kind of health problems have you had? :( Thanks for read!:wavey:
  18. coolcat

    Question of the day 11/18/15

    Good morning TCS! :wavey: ready for the question of the day? :hyper: 47. What are some of the lessons of life that you like to spend your posterity? :nod: have a nice Wednesday!:wavey:
  19. coolcat

    Question of the day 11/11/15

    Good morning TCS! :wavey: Here´s the question of today! :) 46. What would you say are two or three major challenges that life presented him so far?:nod: have a nice Wednesday!:wavey:
  20. coolcat

    Question of the day 11/04/15

    Good morning! :sun: The question of today is : :nod: 45. What jobs had throughout your life? Did you have any memorable experience in any of them? Have a nice middle of the week! :wavey: