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  1. Carolina SA

    Courageous QA Testers

    These hand made items for a gift were tested for quality by experts in comfort. They APPROVED!!!!!! I'm not sure why I think that is a recommendation, since they also love exotic boxes and attacking fly swatters! But, we printed a picture as a Happy Birthday card and feel sure Mum will love it!
  2. Carolina SA

    Danger! Danger! Warning;)

    Finding ways to make the street stray BoyBoy happy as a new indoor cat can be an extreme sport!!! LOL. We use a torn sheet to make a Safari Tent.... occasionally we forget we're walking past the stalking lion of the Serengeti. It is amazing how much delight and humour those little paw-claws bring!
  3. Carolina SA

    Catwalk: This now happens when I vacuum!

    How many cats can you see? This is our truly awesome Catwalk (yes, every girl should have one!). It is 6m and leads to my neighbour's house and into a large catio with segregated enclosures for their and our cats (wire compartments separate our cats). It truly is wonderful having good...
  4. Carolina SA

    The Jealousy Factor Is Awesome

    Of the 2 siblings a random stray cat birthed in our garage, that eventually became my indoor cats, the little girl on the right remained stand offish and skiddish. That was until nearly 2 years later I brought in the new cat! She pretends to hate him but now she talks to me, head bumps me...
  5. Carolina SA

    Rejected Raw Food - Can I cook it to increase appeal?

    Initially my raw food mixes were enjoyed by our older rescue cats used to hunting, and the younger rescue kittens would gingerly nibble at a little. Now, after I made one change to one batch (I used a commercial vitamin mix instead of the combination), they are all turning their noses up at it...
  6. Carolina SA

    Blood in vomit - ideas?

    My parents trapped an abandoned kitten about one month ago. We guess he's now about 8 months old. He was neutered about 12 days ago and has been acting perfectly fine. He still has two stitches in - we're waiting for the vet to make a reappearance! Last night he vomited 3 or 4 times and there...
  7. Carolina SA

    Catio with grass: toilet bacteria?

    We recently built a large catio to provide access to outdoors, grass and dirt for our indoor cats Our cats use the indoor litter boxes but we've observed a couple pee outside. I guess in time they might do this more often, though its their play-hunting insects area. Should we be "treating" the...
  8. Carolina SA

    BoyBoy's Face Scab Needs Rapid Healing!

    Hi All, Nice to find this website! BoyBoy is a stray cat we trapped and castrated a few months ago. He had some severe scratches on his face so I kept him in a catio for 5 weeks and released him when he was 95% perfect. I wish I'd kept him longer! I released him with the very last of almost a...