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    Where is the "Remember when...." thread?

    I think I am losing my mind??? Wasn't there a "Remember when.." thread here a few days ago?? Where is it? I really enjoyed it.
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    funny expression ( slightly off colour )

    I heard a great expression today! Sorry, it is a little off colour!! " Busier than a cat covering crap on a marble floor!!" I loved it!! I had to share it with people who could actually visualize it!
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    Ringworm Vaccine

    Does anyone have any experience with the ringworm vaccine? I want to show a cat of mine. I usually just place these cats in show homes, but, I want to keep this one. I am TERRIFYED of bringing ringworm into my cattery of persians. I want to know about the vaccine. Did it work? Can you give it...
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    Anne, I am trying again

    Anne, I updated to Netscape 6.0 to see if it works now. Wish me luck!!
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    New Ringworm and Program Findings

    New Research articles on Program and ringworm posted on health and nutrition. I mentioned it here in case someone wanted to read them. Yes, it did take all my computer skills to figure out how to do it!
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    need computer help

    I am hopeless with computers. Is there a way to make the page fit on the screen without having to scroll side to side? I tried decreasing the font, it didn't help. I love the site, it's just the scrolling that's driving me crazy?
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    Breeding Munchkins

    Hi Sandie. You mentioned that you breed munchkins. I have told the ups and downs about persians, so, how about you and anyone else out there, telling us about munchkins?
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    Hi eveyone. Are there any new treatments out there for ringworm? I have persians and I am suspecting they have ringworm. I brought a new cat into the house from a reputable breeder. It did not show any lesions but I noticed it scratching. I asked the breeder if she had any skin troubles going on...