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  1. nunnc84

    My kitten grew into a bully

    Ok cute kitten. Grew, 9 lbs later; she throws her weight around on my 7 yr old cat. My older cat has weak bones. It was suggested I put her on medication if she ever acted in pain from age, due to the X-ray. My kitten will walk up to my older cat, and want what she has. For example, I gave them...
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    Dog help

    Hi. I'm a new dog owner and I also have cats and birds. I'm looking for a place like for information and community about dogs. Any tips? Please share.
  3. nunnc84

    Cat licks bites herself to no avail.

    ok. this started a LONG while ago. She will lick herself and make holes in herself. She was eating Instinct I believe, the dog version had lead in it; she was constipated on it. So, I changed her to the what the vet recommended, Hills Science Diet. She still licks holes in herself. I went to...
  4. nunnc84

    Cat peed in laundry. What do I do to get it to smell right again?

    Ok. My cat / or cats are perplexed with a litter box move. I have to be careful how I put this, or I'll get hateful misunderstood judgmental remarks that I will report. Here goes, I put the boxes behind the basement door. It's a small house, they have 24/4 access with a cat door.. No...
  5. nunnc84

    Clean Cat Urine out of Carpet

    I've tried" My own steam cleaner with Natures Miracle carpet cleaner Professional Stanley Steemer I want to try Jackson Galaxy carpet cleaning pods When it gets damp out it still smells like urine. Short of taking out the carpet and kilts the wood floors.... (no there is no more urinating...
  6. nunnc84

    there should be a forum just for cat litter

    HI. Im' out of love for my cat litter. It's world best. Lavender. I bought it because I was toilet training. I gave up. My simese is wouldn't poop there. She wanted the litter, even though she doesn't cover! (Right!). So I gave in and put a box back in the cabinet. I'm getting a dog, so I want...
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  8. nunnc84

    New Kitten-Dirty Bum

    Hi, Recently I adopted a 7 week old kitten. I am so happy with her! Every three days she has to get a bath. She does not groom herself in the rear. I clean her with bum cloths, and warm paper towels in between time. My adult cat that she was introduced too, is bad about this as well. I...
  9. nunnc84

    New to outside cats

    Hi New cat hanging out. Belongs to next door He is not fixed He pooped on her kitchen counter and she put him out with his brother cat Brother cat recently died of possibility aids per my friend cat lady He looks welll fed, he likes my shelter I could feed him I’m not sure how to begin...
  10. nunnc84

    Cat sctrached in front of her ear raw

    Hi Luna was bleeding this morning on top of her ear. Her back foot was bloody. I feed her hills sensitive stomach dry and glucosamine oil. I’ve started brushing her teeth with cet seafood toothpaste. Occasionally I give celloquent and flex and free powder from vitality science. Last weekend...
  11. nunnc84

    Cotton Coat

    Hi, Rescue cat here, persian/something else.. has a cotton coat. It's the longest it has been in a long while, I had to shave her when I got her. I've been upset now because she is not cleaning her hind end after the litter box, after she uses the box she walks for a bit; and sits down on the...
  12. nunnc84

    Picky? Or Full?

    How do I know that my cat is getting picky with her food? Because she takes forever to eat a can of food. I don't know whether to pile it up, cut it down, sprinkle with cat nip, mix with dry food. When I had another cat, she always gobbled it down. Granted it is a newer food, she started slowly...
  13. nunnc84

    How To Have Two Cats? For A Single Cat Owner?

    Ok. I think there is something wrong with me. I have gone through way too many cats. Of course they went to a good home. After a behavior that led to destruction, injury, and / or costly repair from habits that I could not change. What advice can you give to me 'a person' who has tried...
  14. nunnc84

    Wound Care

    hi My cat was in a fight over a week ago She began biting at herself Now it’s a red spot, she licks it all the time I’m putting pet neosporin on there She licks it off Should I put an Elizabeth colar on her when I’m home? What do you think??
  15. nunnc84

    Not Eating, Sick, Diarrhea

    ok New cat: over time 10 days cat started eating and stopped. Only licks canned food or salmon juice. Resident cat only licks cat food or salmon juice. This is new for her. New cat just came back from the vet with a clear bill of health. Resident cat has an appointment in two days (soonest)...
  16. nunnc84

    Strange Attacking Behavior During Grooming

    So, my cat was purring as I groom her with a comb. This happens at-least twice a day. I think everything is normal. Purr Purr I'm petting her with both hands as she is sitting on the shelf in front of me. I go to reach for her back legs to try to turn her to comb her hind-side. Usually I have...
  17. nunnc84

    Free Feeding, Is It Ok?

    Alright. I got this cat barely weighing 5 pounds. Now that there are no other cats, I could free feed. When I do she is not in my face meowing all the time. I'm talking a couple cups this girl can eat. I'm worried she will get obese. The vet told me to feed her 1/4 cup twice a day. She has a...
  18. nunnc84

    Cat Toy

    Hi, I saw this cute do it yourself idea. I want to put my cat fur I get from grooming her into a small sock. She carries around empty socks when I am away. It's cute. I am trying to keep her entertained, sometimes I am gone 13 hours at a time. It would be like her kitten right? Would this...
  19. nunnc84

    Constpation, Pumpkin, And Mineral Oil

    Hi, I have a cat who is around 5-7 pounds. She was 4.5 pounds from the pound 6 months ago. After salmonella sickness from feeding raw, I changed to wet/dry. I give half 2/3 cup with 1/4 cup pumpkin filler, and a bit of mineral oil. I’ve been wanting to spend less time making her regular in the...
  20. nunnc84

    Peeing Just Outside The Box

    My cats have recently began to pee outside the litter box. Right outside it. As if they hang the butts over. I clean it. I don't know why. Random violence to them from me doesn't help. I did have one cat who had a blockage, she peed all over the house. I couldn't stop her. Eventually, she...