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  1. sheridragonfly

    I need a vest or halter to walk Lily, she is 14 pounds and has been walking with a harness but gets off it 3 seconds..

    I have spent 4 hours online and read reviews..and too many bad reviews on vests for walking cats..and them getting out of them or either chaffing their skin or too hard to get them on a cat. I would like something light weight, no chemical smell to the fabric Would prefer not to have to slip...
  2. sheridragonfly

    In general do many cats suffer nausea after anesthesia and teeth cleaning?

    Lily is about to have her teeth cleaned and she is almost 5 years old. She eats only wilderness dry indoor cat food chicken flavor does not like any canned food, will not eat soft food. Her teeth are yellow but no brown on them. Its preventative is why I am having them cleaned at nearly 5 years...
  3. sheridragonfly

    Try This For A Cat Happy Litter Box And Try This Litter!

    This is a storage container you buy at the store that starts with Wal...It is a hard plastic and he had to use a hand held saber saw to cut the entrance hole... It did crack the plastic a little so my husband said you might want to get softer plastic in a storage container to make you a big...
  4. sheridragonfly

    Is Angel's Human Mother Still Active In This Group?

    I have lost contact with her..she is from North Carolina.. Angel has crossed the rain bow bridge a few years ago. If you know her please send a message that I would like to hear from her..Sheri/Sheridragonfly ...mother to Bro and Lily
  5. sheridragonfly

    What Type Of Cat Is Lily?

    she is white with black eyes. She was in a shelter where I adopted her.. Her fur is like no other cat I have had in a lifetime it is so soft it feels like rabbit fur all over.. What do you think her parents looked like and what breed is she or mixture in general? She is very...