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  1. suzeanna

    Cat butt cleaning tips?

    Just to bring closure to anyone needing it (myself :lol:) -- the stubborn bit came off today (VERY easily/incidentally)! It looked exactly like the other hard dry poo that I clean off.:dunno:
  2. suzeanna

    Removing loose hair without a brush

    I do a couple passes with the slicker brush, then I wet (shake off any excess water) a regular brush with bristles and give her a quick once-over with it to pick up all the loose hair. I use a piece of paper towel to grab all the hair off, then a couple q-tips to gather any hair from between the...
  3. suzeanna

    Adoption Regret

    I can empathize! I felt overwhelmed when I first adopted my 8 y/o kitty, especially when she started having some sudden intense aggression issues after 3 weeks. A friend helped me think through it and give it time (and she saw a vet and got medication), and I'm sooo glad. Less than a year later...
  4. suzeanna

    Male cat spraying over litter box

    I've seen some people suggest putting a plastic board or something behind/in the back of the box in order to provide a surface for the pee to splash/spray on and drip down into the box. Maybe even like a plastic folder? You'd have to reinforce it somehow to keep it in place, but that's an idea!
  5. suzeanna

    Cat only drinking from water tap

    I think it makes less sound if you take the flower out, maybe worth a try?
  6. suzeanna

    Best wet food for weight loss?

    If you're trying to figure out a weight loss regimen, I strongly recommend starting a spreadsheet to track daily calories and buying a scale to measure both wet and dry food. Especially for dry food -- a half cup can actually be quite a lot when you measure it on a scale. My ASPCA adoptee was 16...
  7. suzeanna

    My one year old cat seems obese but barely eats

    Could you maybe share what they're eating, how often, and what she weighs? What does she look like from above, what might her Body Condition Score be, can you feel her ribs when you try from the sides? Also, how old is she and when was the spaying? Sorry for so many questions!
  8. suzeanna

    Adjusting meals post COVID

    Ahhhh! Good points. For our use, the portions have been in carefully measured amounts and there was basically zero chance of her not finishing immediately or within a couple hours (e.g., 20 kibble -- she's been on a strict diet for months and has been very gradually losing weight).
  9. suzeanna

    Adjusting meals post COVID

    A little more than twice as expensive as the first feeder linked, but I have the 5-meal version of this: Even though I mostly just use it to provide her 3 a.m. kibble snack, it's been helpful when we've occasionally gone away...
  10. suzeanna

    Very vocal cat before pooping

    My cat also occasionally meows before using the litter box -- I take it as an "I'm in here, don't come in!" If she poops, there's a 75% chance she'll zoomie her way into the living room. If she pees, there's a 50% chance she'll hunt a sock or t-shirt to the living room meowing loudly (which I...
  11. suzeanna

    Vacation- which option is best

    You could have the sitter come and feed your kitty larger-than-normal (but not 2x as much) wet meals, and also have them refill an automatic timed feeder with supplemental kibble snacks in the hours between visits.
  12. suzeanna

    Do I need to be washing my cats bowls before every feeding?

    I use ceramic bowls and wash with soap every time. If you're feeling overwhelmed, I would echo one of the earlier posters and suggest getting a few more bowls. I went from using 1 bowl to keeping 2 in rotation and it feels sooo much less stressful/effortful. I should probably get a 3rd.
  13. suzeanna

    Storing dry food?

    Thank you so much!
  14. suzeanna

    Storing dry food?

    Hi all, Do you have any suggestions/favorites when it comes to storing dry food/kibble? Is glass or plastic better? My cat gets very little kibble each day (~4 grams), so I need something to store the majority of it in. Normally I keep a couple cups of it at a time in double freezer bags, but...
  15. suzeanna

    Cat unable to be seen at the vet.

    My only possible idea is starting him on liquid fluoxetine/prozac which you can mix into wet food at a precise dose -- it can take up to a few weeks to take full effect, so he'd probably have to be on it for at least a month before seeing the doctor. It helps generally with behavioral issues...
  16. suzeanna

    Considering rehoming. Ideas, alternatives, help?

    Have you tried medications for Finn and/or Remsy? There are many other people on this forum with other helpful advice and viewpoints, but I know that different anti-anxiety meds can help some cats adjust. My cat was on gabapentin and is on fluoxetine for other reasons (single cat, aggression...
  17. suzeanna

    Keeping Cats in One Room

    This looks AMAZING, when can Susan visit? :lol::heartshape:
  18. suzeanna

    Daily water intake

    Same -- there's definitely a point at which too much water makes it unappetizing and she just ignores it.
  19. suzeanna

    Need Opinion on Cat

    Do you mean like a fleece type blanket? My cat (and I think other cats?) tend to respond to fleece material -- it's the only kind of cloth or surface that mine kneads on. I don't have much more to offer -- hopefully someone can share some insight.
  20. suzeanna

    Cat running around and panting heavily?

    You could try getting a solid plastic ice pack, freezing that, then wrapping it in a towel -- your cat might enjoy hanging out near it. I did this yesterday with a refrigerated can of sparkling water, but it wasn't very hot in the room (she just had been sleeping in the hot and sunny windowsill).