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  1. MonaLyssa33

    Male cat spraying over litter box

    Remy uses the litter box without issue but he always seems to either spray or at least get pee all over whatever is behind the box. All the boxes are ones with high walls. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could do to at least make cleaning up after him easier?
  2. MonaLyssa33

    Question of the Day - Monday, June 14, 2021

    I failed the first time and got it the second time. I ran over a curb within 2 minutes of being in the car with the examiner and then later hit a cone while parallel parking. For the second attempt, I just backed my car in a little bit for the parallel parking and said that that was all I was...
  3. MonaLyssa33

    Question of the Day, Sunday the 13th of June, 2021

    My last haircut was 2 years ago today actually if I went by my Facebook memories. I'm growing it out until it's long enough to donate. I'm nearly to that point, thank God, because I hate having long hair. I mainly wear my hair in a ponytail almost exclusively because I don't like my hair...
  4. MonaLyssa33

    Name Three Things - 2021

    I went to my cousin's grad party and saw my aunt and cousins for the first time in over a year (because of COVID). I also saw my mom for the first time since Christmas (not because of COVID). I then went to Menards to buy paint so I can paint my basement. I'm getting new carpet soon so I figured...
  5. MonaLyssa33

    People with rescue kitties: are you still in contact with their fosters?

    I never met Flora's fosters because of COVID but they follow me on Instagram. Remy and Maisie lived at a pet food store so I used to periodically stop in and update the staff about them, but I haven't in 2 years. I do update the rescue about all of them because they like getting alumni updates.
  6. MonaLyssa33

    Question of The Day. Saturday 12th of June

    I'd love to have like a force field around me that no stranger could get past, so then I could go to busy tourist places and have people just bounce off the force field and away from me.
  7. MonaLyssa33

    Do you still have these in your house?

    I have DVDs and then I also have CDs that are not mine that the previous owner left behind in a cabinet. I have wall calendars only because I use them for crafts, so they are actually outdated ones. I've never had a filing cabinet and I don't have takeout menus.
  8. MonaLyssa33

    Question of the Day, Friday, June 11

    Probably a lot of junk food. My mom was way too concerned about our weight which is like a guarantee that a kid is going to have an eating disorder when they get older (which I do).
  9. MonaLyssa33

    One Has To Go.....Sandwiches!

    Bologna and cheese. I can't really eat it because it was one of the last things I ate before I got a bout of the stomach flu as a kid.
  10. MonaLyssa33


    For me it was more because my old computer couldn't handle me using it for lots of data processing and then running ArcGIS which took up a lot of memory.
  11. MonaLyssa33

    Question of the day - Thursday 10 June

    Mine is of Maisie and Remy from a few years ago when we lived in my apartment. I have Flora now too, but haven't really changed it since I started my account here. The main reason I chose the picture was because it was one of the few ones I have of Maisie and Remy because Maisie is and was...
  12. MonaLyssa33


    Computers for sure. It might be because I use them everyday for many hours, but I feel like I need to replace my computer often because file sizes get bigger and everything slows down quickly. Another thing is furniture. I know it's because things are cheaper, but things definitely don't last as...
  13. MonaLyssa33

    Name Three Things - 2021

    I showered before I went to the library to pick up some items I had on hold and then when I got back, my dog and I went into the backyard and I decided to weed my garden a bit. Because it was nearly 100*F out, I was a sweating mess and then also very dirty, so I had to take a second shower only...
  14. MonaLyssa33

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, June 8

    That I'm lazy and also somehow not physically strong despite being on the larger side. I moved 2 cubic yards of river rocks and completely landscaped my backyard by myself. I pick up my 50lb puppy like she weighs nothing. I also think a lot of people don't think I'm autistic because I don't...
  15. MonaLyssa33

    Question of the Day, Monday, June 7, 2021

    Long. My mom was "traumatized" as a child from having to get a pixie cut following an incident with bubblegum so she never wanted us to have short hair. Now as adults, my sister and almost never have long hair because we hate it. My hair right now is the longest it has been in over two decades...
  16. MonaLyssa33

    Question of the Day, Sunday, 6th of June, 2021

    I didn't realize how much taller he was until I saw that picture again. I'm trying to figure out how tall he actually is. I'm 5'10" so my guess is he's at least 6'6".
  17. MonaLyssa33

    You forgot a gift......

    A puppy.
  18. MonaLyssa33

    Question of the Day, Sunday, 6th of June, 2021

    I'm not married. My friend though got married 4ish years ago and she loves Halloween and always wanted a Halloween costume wedding, which she did. I was a bridesmaid (went as Mary Poppins) and so was my sister. We kept my brother-in-law's costume a secret though, so when my friend walked down...
  19. MonaLyssa33

    Question of The Day. Saturday 5th of June

    I have a younger sister and a younger brother. They both live about 20 minutes from me. I'm a lot closer to my sister, and my brother and I have a kind of volatile relationship. There's a years-long family conflict that has changed from us kids against our parents to my sister, dad and I against...
  20. MonaLyssa33

    One must be eliminated

    Sushi, without a doubt.