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  1. susanm9006

    Washing cat food dishes

    This is odd but am sharing it just in case anyone else experiences it. I have had several weeks of Willow sometimes refusing to eat her wet food. I assumed it was related to a switch in cat food brands since the kind she likes, Crave, is no longer produced. But one day she would eat the...
  2. susanm9006

    Mallard Ducks

    For nearly as long as I have lived here, sixteen years, every spring I have a pair of ducks that come to rest in my yard for a portion of every day. Until recently I thought it was the same pair but I have been reading that wild ducks only live four or five years on average. Now I am wondering...
  3. susanm9006

    Cleaning Aluminum Pans

    Thought I would share this tip for everyone who has been doing lots of baking and whose aluminum pans are showing it. I think I am fairly thorough at washing my baking pans but inevitably they get gunked up with baked on grease around the edges and get pretty disgusting looking. I have tried...
  4. susanm9006

    Let’s Catch UP

    Missed you all! What’s happened in your life since TSC has been down? I mean other than checking 1000 times to see if it’s up. As for me, I learned that YouTube lied when it showed how easy it was to change lawnmower tires. It’s not and very messy, but cheaper than I thought to have...
  5. susanm9006

    Memorable meals

    I have a combination of urge to travel and total boredom with my meals that has gotten me thinking about the special meals I have had away from home. I thought it might be a fun topic for us to share. My top three 1. A dinner at a converted bordello in Nashville. Through out your meal...
  6. susanm9006

    Visiting Cats

    For the last few weeks I have had a trio of cats show up every evening, usually between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm and gone for the day at dawn. I suspect they are pets let out for the night since each is on the quite well fed side, but I am feeding them none the less and giving them a warm place to...
  7. susanm9006

    Cat Removed Own Mats?

    Willow is a shorthair but has always developed mats in her fur ever since I adopted her over nine years ago. She doesn’t like being picked up and won’t allow regular grooming so I only corner her a couple times a year to groom her and remove her mats. This year as always I have been keeping an...
  8. susanm9006

    Hurricane Laura

    Thinking of all you Texas and Louisiana folks and others that may be affected by Laura. Please stay safe.
  9. susanm9006

    OK, it’s war

    Two darling little chipmunks live on my property. One is no problem, he hangs out in the back yard and patio and keeps the cat entertained. But the second has decided that my garage is the primo spot for snacks and darts in every chance he gets. Problem is of course that he gets caught when I...
  10. susanm9006

    Salmonella outbreak

    There has been a widespread outbreak of Samonella which has been tracked to household chickens and ducks. If you have either you have to be extra careful about hand washing after touching these animals. Here is the link to the CDC
  11. susanm9006

    2020 To Date Summary

    Just Incase you missed anything so far in 2020! This hilarious summary found on Facebook Dear Diary 2020 Edition, In ❄️ January, 🔥 Australia caught on fire. I don’t even know if that fire was put out, because we straight up almost went to war with Iran 🇮🇷 . We might actually still be almost...
  12. susanm9006

    Cat Secrets

    I thought it might be fun to compare the things our cats do that they think we don’t know about. For my Willow there are two. Since my bathroom was remodeled a few months back she has never set a foot into the room when I am present. But when I am not around she sneaks into the shower and...
  13. susanm9006

    I Might Be Bored

    I might be bored, I am testing the ink in all my pens. Anyone else bored?
  14. susanm9006

    Call Me Crazy, But I Like...

    Thought this might be an interesting question. Mine is, Call me crazy, but I like picking up around the house. I find putting things in their place very calming. What is yours?
  15. susanm9006

    Do You Shop For School?

    It is getting to be school shopping time of year, and although I haven’t been a student or had a student in the house for many many years, I still find myself shopping - for socks and underwear, and office supplies. So, do you “school shop” and if so what for?
  16. susanm9006

    Goat Rental

    The lake where I metal detect each morning is in a large nature reserve and for the last week I have been watching them put up electric fencing around a large section. I was trying to figure out if they were trying to keep people out or animals in. But this morning the signage went up “Goat...
  17. susanm9006

    The Life Of A Banana

    Last month was Willow’s 8th Adoption anniversary so I ordered her a new Yeoww banana. She was given a banana in her adoption bag and it became her obsessive, always near her toy. She still loves them and they don’t last long, maybe six months. She likes to chew a hole and suck out the catnip...
  18. susanm9006

    This Is Mason Stealing A Kitten

    I don’t know if any of you watch Tinykittens livestream on You Tube but this rescue has a former feral senior male cat that just loves to cuddle with the different kitten litters at the rescue. Well apparently the kittens, who just LOVE him, weren’t cooperating this particular day, so he helped...
  19. susanm9006

    Anyone Watching Kitten Academy?

    I enjoy this live stream on YouTube but right now I am glued to the screen. They have two bonded females, probably related, who are coparenting one of the female’s just born litter. The non mom cat stepped right in with cleaning and cuddling the babies and today let them try nursing. Just so...
  20. susanm9006

    Squirrel Igloo

    We have had more than forty inches of snow in the last month and everything, including my evergreens are buried in snow. I saw this opening a few weeks back and thought it was a rabbits den. But yesterday I saw a squirrel moving peanuts inside and not coming back out so looks like he has moved in.