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  1. kosame

    Advice on a tiny stray!

    Hey everyone! I know it's been a minute since I've been online- just started a full time job and things are pretty busy <3 Anyways, today my boyfriend's sister found a stray kitten! She's about 10-11 weeks old, small, mostly black tortoishell lass. She's very adventurous and sweet, lots of big...
  2. kosame

    What Breed Was My Girl?

    I don't know about breed, but she looks so regal, wild and majestic. What a special, unique cat :redheartpump:
  3. kosame

    What Breed Is My Cat?

    Oh interesting! That's something I didn't know, I thought they were all just abnormally soft lol I know some Siberians and their coats are like, weird soft. Like silk. But yes, they are chunky with short faces! I learn new stuff every day!
  4. kosame

    What Breed Is My Cat?

    A DLH stands for Domestic Longhair <3 It's quite possible he's got some Siberian in his lineage somewhere, but you can't be certain without a DNA test!
  5. kosame

    What Breed Is My Cat?

    He's lovely! Someone might've said this, but if his fur is different (soft like a bunny maybe?) He might have Siberian ancestry! Siberians just have a different feel to em, so soft like silk, I know some. I would call him a DLH, since we can't be sure, and a very beautiful one at that!
  6. kosame

    Adventure Cat Remi!

    Thank you all for the compliments :redheartpump: He sure knows he's handsome, lol! Always busy strutting about like he owns the world hehe
  7. kosame

    Worried About My Boy!

    Thanks guys! He's already doing great, and I make sure to give him lots of attention/his own space! He's eating normally now and very busy showing kitten who's boss during their supervised time. He seems to enjoy sitting high on his perch and just watching Remi (kitten). He looks so concerned...
  8. kosame

    Tell Me About Your Other Pets!

    Pets do teach responsibility, and so many other things! What a cute lizard lol HE'S SO CUTE OMG hopefully he settles in well with everyone eventually~! I'm hoping to adopt a sheltie puppy sometime in the future, I love these herding breeds <3
  9. kosame

    Just Discovered My New Kitty Is Microchipped...

    congratulations!! <3
  10. kosame

    Just Want To Brag About How Good My Girls Are :)

    What good girls :lovecat: are they the ones in your avatar? they're so beautiful :rbheart:
  11. kosame

    Adventure Cat Remi!

    After a little time getting used to the harness, my sis and I decided to bring 13 week old Remi on his first adventure- with lots of thought and planning of course. After we grabbed a couple of friends and my bf, we drove 45 minutes (most of which was spent purring and napping) to our favorite...
  12. kosame

    Is My Cat Afraid Or It's Just His Personality?

    Hi! You're doing a great job with him! I'd say just take things at his own pace- some things he might get used to, like cuddles and lap time, some may just be his personality. Theo, my avatar kitty, hates being picked up and sitting in my lap. It's not an issue with how he was raised or...
  13. kosame

    Cat Having Trouble With Guests.

    Sounds like you've got a good action plan! I second the other response! Good luck :hearthrob:
  14. kosame

    Worried About My Boy!

    Well, I didn't end up taking Mr. Theo to the vet (was planning on it today if things didn't turn around)- and things are looking up! Last night I was almost in tears, praying that he would eat something. Woke up in the wee hours of the morning to him taking a few bites, and he was ready for his...
  15. kosame

    Kitten Zoomies?

    Awww, 10 years old wow! That's so fun that he still likes to zoom <3 Remi doesn't, but whenever Theo gets super excited when we're playing he fluffs up! It's so cute lol Awww!! That's adorable! I love the name choice too <3
  16. kosame

    Worried About My Boy!

    Update: Theo only ate a few bites of his favorite food that I mentioned earlier, and he's less active than this morning/a little more lethargic. I've tried a couple things to stimulate his appetite but he's just refusing now. (Kitten and him are living in separate rooms, which has him upset...
  17. kosame

    Kitten Zoomies?

    That's so cute omg <3 <3 Thank you! He's such a lovely boy! hehe, I know that sound! Oh my goodness Maggi is so beautiful !! That's so funny :) They do look so similar with their marbly patterns <3 little Remi is a Bengal! That's adorable! Those crazy looks are the best I wonder...
  18. kosame

    Worried About My Boy!

    Thank you for the advice! He's still iffy on eating, but I've been tempting him with some of his favorite seafood and he can't resist! I think he's protesting the new addition, lol
  19. kosame

    Can I Get A 2nd Cat?

    If you go for it pls give us kitten pictures lol! Sounds like a good plan to me, if you think you can handle it <3