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    Ziltoid and Capt. Spectacular are growing like weeds.

    Or bugs, since that seems to be my favorite nick name for them. "Hey you bugs, behave!" On to the pictures! Mom, a bird! Brotherly love. It's my new helmet. Ziltoid is really stretching. I've always wanted an Egyptian Mau, but it seems I was given my own special version of one.
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    Tell me I'm not the only one who's been caught singing to the cats.

    I got caught singing to the boys, and I feel so incredibly silly. I always sing to them even though I can't sing whatsoever. Captain Spectacular and Ziltoid are named from an album by Devin Townsend about an alien, Ziltoid, who looks to take over the Earth to gain control of their coffee...
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    Cats in tune to hormones?

    I know cats can pick up on hormone changes when women are pregnant. So does this mean that my cats are picking up on me, even though I'm not pregnant? My hormones have always been all over the place, and have gotten worse since I had a 15 lb ovarium cyst removed. The sudden changes had calmed...
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    Parents: Huge Fisher Price recall.

    The other forum I haunt caught wind of this and posted it for the parents' sake. Here's a link to the CNN article about it. There's a list of the toys they're talking about floating around, but it hasn't appeared on CNN as of yet, so I am hesitant to repost it until it has been confirmed...
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    Update on the stray boxer!

    I have a good update! I've been in contact with about three rescue groups in the Floresville area. All of them have told me that they are full, and so are their foster homes. If I could provide him with care, vet shots, etc. then they would advertise him for adoption. Now this wonderful...
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    Capt. Spectacular sleeps like his meowmy.

    I rolled over in bed last night, and felt something fuzzy by my stuffed animals. After removing the stuffies, this is what I discovered. It's a good thing I haven't given my aunt her camera back.
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    A kitty named Moose (sad story...)

    We saw this story unfold on the cat_lovers community on Livejournal. It is a very heartbreaking and tragic story as Moose could have been saved. It's just the people who called themselves "animal rescuers" ignored his owner's pleas for help. "How many cat skeletons do you see in a tree?"...
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    Meowing on the box.

    As long as I've had Capt. Spectacular he likes to meow on the box. At first I thought it was a weird quirk of his, so I would talk to him while he was there. Then my friend told me it may be something medical. He never seems to have a problem going potty. It isn't like he sits there, meows...
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    What do I do with the stray boxer?

    From an older thread of mine I mentioned that one of my furbabies got outside by accident and was almost attacked by a stray boxer. If it weren't for the bravery of my Grace and Shadow, goodness only knows what would have happened to Capt. Spectacular. I went to go talk to the boxer's owner...
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    Ziltoid going into Kitty Sleep Time!

    My roomies came over with a better camera and we got some good pictures of Ziltoid the Omniscient at the end of a long play time. There's also one of Captain Spectacular, but because he had already fallen asleep when we decided to get the camera out. Enjoy! (There's quite a bit of them, but I...
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    Tiger's Coming Back!

    I think I've mentioned that Tiger was staying with me for the past two weeks so I could get him ready for my cousin, Brooke, while they were on vacation. She has two little girls, one freshly five years old and the other four months old. I had asked her multiple times if she was able to take...
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    Ziltoid and his family.

    So I finally stole my cousin's camera. He's over helping me take care of my aunt's two babies from the same litter we got Ziltoid and Tiger from. When the Vegas trip is over, all of them but Ziltoid go home. But let's get to the pictures! We took them just after Kitty Play Time, so...
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    My dogs saved Tiger

    I'm a little reluctant to share because I am so embarrassed and I feel guilty that Tiger got outside in the first place. I feel like a really bad Mom. So here's what happened. The house was hot today, so I decided to let some fresh air in. We have a huge, glass sliding door and a screen...
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    Cats and fish?

    So I've got two beautiful betta boys, Devin Townsend and Arjen Lucassen. They've been my buddies for almost two years now. My main concern is my new kitty, Ziltoid, deciding to make attempts at them. He's too little now to even dream of reaching their tanks, but he won't be little forever...
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    Howdy, I'm new...

    Hi, I'm Patty, and I decided to join after receiving my new kitten. This is my second time owning a cat. My previous darling, Ariel, had been my baby since I was 5 years old. She passed away when I left to college, so I was put off from owning cats for a while. Now I'm starting my senior...