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  1. snuffy's mom

    Comment by 'snuffy's mom' in article 'How To Deal With Cat "love Bites"?'

    My Snuff wakes me up at 5a.m.!!! with little bites on the end of my nose, she is 17 now and has been doing this since she was kitten..
  2. snuffy's mom

    Older Cat Sneezing

    It's a lot more than sneezing, when he sneezes his right ear makes a funny sound like when we have a cold and our ears pop his are sounding like they are hissing and it scares the bejesus out of him. Is there anything I can do for him now until I can get him to a vet..any suggestions would be...
  3. snuffy's mom

    Comment by 'snuffy's mom' in article 'Best Cat Food Of 2015: Tcs Member Choices'

    Never heard of most of those foods..
  4. snuffy's mom

    Comment by 'snuffy's mom' in article 'Why You Should Not Surrender Senior Cats To Shelters'

    I'm 65 now and not in the best of health. I am hoping my babies go before me, they are 14 and 15.. I have told my sisters that I do not want my cats in a shelter if I go before them. Also I was thinking since I have always had cats, that if my babies should go before me I would maybe foster a...
  5. snuffy's mom

    Skeletal diseased feral cat has been hanging out on my back porch wailing mournfully. What to do?

    Please try to do something to help him sounds like he needs a friend.  
  6. snuffy's mom

    Congratulations Jiskefe on winning the Feral Cat Stories Writing Contest!

    Congrats that was quite the story...  
  7. snuffy's mom

    Writing Contest - Share Your Feral Cats Stories

    I had just moved into an apartment complex when I noticed a little white kitty wandering around. I tried to get her to come to me but she wouldn't. I think this the first time I had ever met a feral cat. She was all white with two black spots on her head and very afraid of people. I started...
  8. snuffy's mom

    Any Vacuum suggestions?

    I just got a Shark from Amazon. Works wonders on both carpet and hard floors. I have 4 white and 1 black cats and dark grey carpeting (I rent so the color is not my choice) It gets up even the spots where they like to lay all the time.
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  11. snuffy's mom

    Odd behavior with a toy

    I guess she isn't so odd after all. Thanks for letting me know!
  12. snuffy's mom

    I am miserable going through the pain yet again.....

    So sorry for your loss, it hurts no less no matter how long you have them. I know the feeling I have lost a few myself.
  13. snuffy's mom

    Odd behavior with a toy

    My Snuff has a toy it's called a Kickeroo, it is long and has a tassle on the end. Just about every night she will take this in her mouth and walk around with it meowing very loudly. She will then put it down and still meow. I am wondering if anyone else has a cat that behaves this way. She...
  14. snuffy's mom

    My Feral Cat Spot

    I am going to go to a craft store to see if I can find a clay kit that I can use. Some I have heard of you bake after you make the print. The one I have seems like it will hold up. Time will tell.
  15. snuffy's mom

    My Feral Cat Spot

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. I got her paw print in the mail the other day. They made it for me at the Vets hospital after she died. I think that is a great idea. I think I will do it for all my cats while they are still here.
  16. snuffy's mom

    My Feral Cat Spot

    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. It is nice to think that she is watching over us.
  17. snuffy's mom

    My Feral Cat Spot

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts. They were greatly appreciated.
  18. snuffy's mom

    My Feral Cat Spot

    We lost my little Spot yesterday. I feel so bad for her but the Vets thought it was best. She was around 11 yrs old and it took me years to get her to trust me and it took 6 yrs. just to get her to come in the house although I could never pet her. I got to hold her as they gave her the shot it...
  19. snuffy's mom

    Spot the (part) Feral

    Took her to the vets yesterday. Unfortunately she is no longer with me. They said she had a tumor behind her eye. For $500 to $1000 they would remove the eye, but they thought she had some terminal diseases and they thought it would be best to put her down. It broke my heart but I knew that was...
  20. snuffy's mom

    Spot the (part) Feral

    I am taking her this morning to an emergency animal hospital to see what they can do for her. She is looking a lot better today but I am taking her anyways. The swelling has gone down but she is still open mouth breathing, and her eye doesn't look right. I'm hopng they can handle her ok and not...