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  1. Flybynight

    What are you feeding your cat?

    Primarily wet with a few times a week complete raw meals. I am in Europe and the brands normally in our rotation are: Meowing Heads - which is a soft pate. Wellness Core - shreds and chunks (pate in Wellness Core is not available here) Almo Nature - usually the mousse but sometimes the chunks...
  2. Flybynight

    Is Fancy Feast Really That Bad?

    @FeebysOwner Generally cancer is localized, so if for example, a cancerous liver it is not necessarily also in the muscle meat which is what most cat food that is non by product is. When cancer spreads it is usually organ to organ not the whole organism. Granted I agree, organ meat is...
  3. Flybynight

    Is Fancy Feast Really That Bad?

    @daftcat75 Most Applaws is complimentary food but not all. The pates and the senior foods are complete. I don't see a problem with people feeding some complimentary foods if they feed primarily dry. It gives the cats more moisture in their diet as cats do not have a high thirst drive. I feed...
  4. Flybynight

    Is Fancy Feast Really That Bad?

    @FeebysOwner I think @Taigaclaq said her vet told her about the lard, which may just mean high fat. I don't know and don't use Fancy Feast. If I understood, she is saying the by products may have cancerous tissue not that they are a carcinogen themselves. Which I assume is because pet companies...
  5. Flybynight

    Farmina wild boar and apple

    I use Farmina but the wet foods, they have boar and apple in wet, lamb and blueberry and various with pumpkin, duck, quail etc. I think the vegetables and fruits are to appeal more to the human buyers sense of healthy but I like the proteins you do not often find such as quail, duck etc. The...
  6. Flybynight

    Best type of diet

    Hi @mahaabbas I would skip kibble especially for male cats as dry food can lead to urinary issues. I would have a rotation of a few different brands textures of wet food to get him used to variety and I agree, one raw meal per day is probably good. You don't want him to get stuck on one brand...
  7. Flybynight

    Let's talk about Dave's Pet Food?

    Hi, If stress might be a contributing factor, try a calming diffuser in the rooms he spends most time. For example, during a move or when have a house guest or new addition to the family ( pet or human). Bach rescue remedy ( the pet version) is also supposed to be good.
  8. Flybynight

    Cat vomiting new high protein diet

    @petal267 Hi, what brand/ brands are you feeding? I would just play it by ear to see if it is enough variety to hold their interest. I tend to feed a different flavor each meal. Last week my short haired cat had a hairball. As long as only a couple times a year it is fine. Animonda Milkies do...
  9. Flybynight

    Cat vomiting new high protein diet

    @petal267 Could be a hair ball but when cats who have previously been fed a high carb diet move to higher protein, it can temporarily cause issues such as vomiting as their systems are not used to the amount of protein. Higher protein is good though, just may take an adjustment. In case it's is...
  10. Flybynight

    Which pet food should I use/avoid

    My main advice would be don't leave dry food out for free feeding if you do, as dry food addicts will be harder to switch to wet or more wet. Crumbled freeze dried treats like Orijen are good toppers for wet food. Be careful of wetting dry food and leaving it out, as bacteria grow quickly if...
  11. Flybynight

    Picky Cats Refusing to eat food that we’ve fed for years

    Hi, It could be your cats are not so much picky as used to eating only one dry food and they are suspicious of anything different. The change may be confusing them and there may be a difference in smell as well as shape. Is the pebble shape bigger or smaller? If used to say a smaller shape, I...
  12. Flybynight

    Farmina wild boar dry cat food

    Farmina is better quality than Purina. But an all dry diet is risky. Do you free feed the dry food? When dry food is out all the time it is harder to get cats to eat wet food. Dry food is sprayed with a flavoring that makes it attractive to cats.
  13. Flybynight

    Taste of the Wild Prey - Turkey

    Welcome :)
  14. Flybynight

    Taste of the Wild Prey - Turkey

    Food If I had to choose here I would go with Taste of the Wild This one I cannot get full details of the Webbox but maybe that or Little Big Paw as part of a rotation. Home
  15. Flybynight

    Taste of the Wild Prey - Turkey

    Little Big Paw and Lily's Kitchen are two good UK brands but are probably more expensive as you said. You could try adding them in a rotation even if you are still feeding primarily dry. Almo Nature if available to you, has supplementary wet foods meant to be fed as a treat or for cats who eat...
  16. Flybynight

    People That Feed Only Wet Food, How Do You Afford To Do This?

    I think two meals a day is too little for most cats. Unless they are outside and supplementing their diet with prey, which was common in the past. For convenience, many cats have dry food left out for them which is not the healthiest option. Microchip and auto feeders are useful for feeding wet...
  17. Flybynight

    Small Maine Coon

    Nice looking fellow. I would report the breeder if possible. Sounds like she may have sold him underage or if not malnourished based on size and weight not just the worms. Likely a backyard breeder or kitten mill. There are probably other cats in similar conditions including the parent cats.
  18. Flybynight

    Help me choose from these brands, please

    I think with an intolerance it would be obvious fairly soon. But I would get a brand like Macs that has a sensitive line, and try a few flavors in that to start. Almo Nature also has sensitive digestion food. I think the mousse is two variants, sole (white fish) and turkey - both easy on the...
  19. Flybynight

    Help me choose from these brands, please

    I have heard good things about MACS and if it was available where I am I would try it. I would buy the sensitive range in MACS for your cat. I have used Animonda Carny but would probably instead go with the Animonda Vom Feinsten pure turkey or turkey and trout, as turkey is good for sensitive...
  20. Flybynight

    My Feral And Rescued Cats

    Such a handsome fellow🙂