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  1. valentine445

    Cat nail missing??

    my cat was playing and he hit the wall which injured his nail, it bent slightly and was bleeding. we took him to the vet and they prescribed him antibiotics, pain medicine and gel to apply on the wound. it was getting much better but still poking out a little. after a few days i noticed that it...
  2. valentine445

    cat meowing a lot, stressing us out

    i have an 8 month old male cat. he got neutered 2 weeks back and im starting to lose hope that his behaviour would ever change. he does this strange thing where he runs upstairs and just meows and kind of growls.then he comes to me and meows more. i ignore him and don't give i but he still...
  3. valentine445

    tomcats behaviour after neutering

    people who neutered their cat after sexual maturity, how did your tomcats behaviour change?
  4. valentine445

    what steps should i take before and after neutering my cat?

    i want a detailed explanation on what i need to do prior and after neutering my 8 month old male cat. also hes getting neutered at 10 in the morning so when should be his last meal?
  5. valentine445

    i have questions about neutering

    questions regarding neutering my 8 month old selkirk rex 1. are cats with asthma neutered just like other cats, are there any risks? 2. will the incision look bloody after the procedure? i dont want to scare the kids 3. how long does the incision take to heal? 4. will he need a cone? 5. will his...
  6. valentine445

    how to calm a unnuetered cats desire to go outside

    Hi, im valentine and i have a 7-8 months cat called louis. loius has been around for about 5 months and just a few months ago he has reached sexual maturity. we drove to the vet when he was 4 months old to get him nuetered but the vet inquired at due to his heart murmur it would not be possible...
  7. valentine445

    zodiac guessing game

    write a short sentence about you and the next person will guess your zodiac and then write a short sentence for themselves. example: person 1: i cry a lot person 2: cancer. i love food person 3: taurus. i am shy etc me first: i say what i want to say
  8. valentine445

    why does my 7 month old louis suckle my buttons

    my louis boy is getting big but he thinks he is a baby. he sucks on my shirt buttons for some odd reason and loves being in between my legs (i am aware of how weird this sounds😭).i dont mind this but like sometimes when me and my girlfriend want some privacy he keeps trying to join and i cant...
  9. valentine445

    Louis, my male cat, is meowing and yowling nonstop

    My almost 7 month old male cat louis started this habit where he just cries and cries until someone comes to play with him and take him outside. He is not nuetered bc several vets recommended that its not possible due to health reasons. So nuetering him is not a possible option. We provide him...
  10. valentine445

    what breed is louis?

    I have a cat called louis, he is 6 months old. I bought him 4 months ago at a pet shop which sells expensive pets/ retired show pets. He wasn't a retired show cat of course but he caught my eye because he was the a tiny rat-like kitten in a place meant for former show cats, so naturally I...