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  1. J

    Possible stray outside, what do I do?

    Will do!! I do worry, but I think it would be good to double check. Hopefully as the weather calms down, they wont need much help.
  2. J

    Possible stray outside, what do I do?

    Small update, I got back home tonight and saw the cat! Only a flash as they ran off from the car, but they were black and white. Dad says they're a community cat and he's seen them around before, and Ill have to ask if he knows if they're fixed. Do I keep leaving out food, or just let them be...
  3. J

    Possible stray outside, what do I do?

    I believe there are a few! One in my neighborhood ran by a friend, as well as groups in the nearby area. I could probably contact them if I confirmed there was a stray around.
  4. J

    Possible stray outside, what do I do?

    I live in Western New York, and currently we are in the middle of winter. Last night when I was outside I heard a pretty loud meow, so I knew it couldn't be my cats. I heard another few today, and I was wondering what to do? I've never taken care of a stray or feral cat in my life, and frankly...
  5. J

    heart murmer

    Hi there! Sorry to hear you're having a stressful time. Im having a very similar experience with my own cat Rex! He's 5 years old and incredibly anxious, and his first vet visit a month ago revealed a murmer of his own. Now the best thing you can do is not panic. Take everything one step at a...
  6. J

    5 weeks old kitten acting strange help needed :(

    Hi! I have a few things to say. First, it is pretty normal for 5 week old kittens to be sleeping a lot! They sleep for about 22 hours a day, and this will lessen to about 16-20 as they grow older. Second, Im a bit concerned about how young the owner allowed you to buy him. The recommended...
  7. J

    Feral scratched me

    I think if he's been vaccinated and you washed it should be okay but do keep an eye on it in the next few days. If there are any symptoms, do get it checked out.
  8. J

    How to make an anxious cat more comfortable?

    That could work!! My mom has been teaching me how to have him follow me around, and he likes me a lot. I think we'll have it in the living room next to the window, so I could bring him there to hang out and see it as a safe spot for him! It would be great to have him comfortable downstairs...
  9. J

    How to make an anxious cat more comfortable?

    Hi! Thank you for the advice! I am considering setting up a separate food bowl in the attic once my parents finish fixing it to be their new bedroom, or maybe in their old room since he seems to like it so much! What I want most is for Rex to be able to come out during the day instead of...
  10. J

    Using liquid marshmallow root

    Hi there! If you're looking to try any herb with Mama Meatball - cutest name ever - definitely consult your veterinarian first to figure out a safe dosage! They should be able to help you find out where to start and when/how to increase.
  11. J

    Getting my kitten earlier than I planned and got some last minute questions

    Hi there! It looks like youre doing a great job with this plan, and I have a few pointers! First, a litterbox enclosure may not be the best bet. Im assuming you only have this one cat, so this may not be an issue considering he has a cat tower and scratching post, but have an entrance to guard...
  12. J

    Super Pregnant cat with brownish discharge

    One thing I know is that you have to keep kittens warm. Mom usually does this, but its good to help. Rice socks and heating pads are popular options. One way I've seen it done is with a 30-gallon tote, put down a thick blanket then a heating pad, and another thick blanket on top. But I'm in no...
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    How to make an anxious cat more comfortable?

    I currently have two cats in my home. Boodle, a 15-year-old long-haired domestic my mom rescued from the dirt roads of Boone when she was a few weeks old and caught in a storm, and Rex a 5-year-old Korat who we adopted when he was 3-4 months old from my old babysitter who takes in pregnant...
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    My kitten sleeps all the time

    2-3 Month old kittens sleep a lot! 18 whole hours everyday! It's normal for it to be in the day, as cats are mostly up at night. Probably not something to worry about