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  1. Feral Mom

    What Is Your Favorite Charity On "amazon Smile" ?

    On Amazon Smile, there are tons of charity groups that we can 'donate' to, by using that "Amazon Smile" charity list instead of 'plain' amazon. Some portion of the money we spend on Amazon then goes towards that cause. I notice there are TONS of animal causes listed on Amazon, and I was...
  2. Feral Mom

    Do-gooders Offering Low Cost Internet Service And Computers

    Hello, I just read where a member here does not have a computer, and I thought I would post these 2 websites, (same company, but they seem to have 2 websites now) as a place for people who are eligible to check out if they might qualify for a low cost computer. Some members here may be eligible...
  3. Feral Mom

    Idea To Try If Cat Won't Go In Trap.

    I offer this as an alternative way to get a cat in the trap. This will only work if you are able to pick up the cat, which is NOT the case for most ferals. But, If you Are able to pick up the cat, this method is worth a try. It requires 2 people, though, imo. Most TNVR places require the cat...
  4. Feral Mom

    Anyway To Save Or Favorite Some Posts?

    Hello, I am seeing some posts, that are so great, that I would like to "save" or favorite for my own use to read again later. Just for my own use. I have discovered that by pressing onto the #Number on upper right hand corner of the post, and then the code or link for that post appears so I...